Bloggiesta Ole

Ole! This weekend is my first bloggiesta. There are so many little jobs I’d like to get done on the blog this weekend so here’s a little to do list…

1. Write 10 rainy day posts (I should call them Mummy day post really!)

2. Plan visits to 5 places to review

3. Set aside some reading time to finish the books I want to review.

4. Write book reviews

5. Finish all craft projects and write blog posts on them.

6. Improve appearance of blog.

7. Read all the other blogs I follow and keep up to date.

8. Re-do side bar and add follow buttons to social media.

9. Work through list of contacts for collaborations / discounts / giveaways.

10. Write a reading list for future reviews.

11. Work on logos and graphics for regular posts.

Keep an eye on the blog over the weekend as I’ll be updating with progress reports. I wont be online until the evening tomorrow as I am going to support my good friends Catherine and Joe who are walking 50km tomorrow to raise money for Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s Home. But I’ll be working hard in the evening.

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This week I have been mostly watching Mad Men. I can’t believe I haven’t watched it before. It’s one of those things I’ve been meaning to watch forever. It has everything I love, early 1960s clothing, retro interiors to die for, an amazing story line, and bucket loads of old school glamour. I’ve managed in the last few weeks to watch the first 3 series and in many ways I’m so glad I came into it so late as I have countless episodes to watch all in one hit.

If you haven’t already seen Mad Men (I think it’s just me!) then you really really should. The show is produced to perfection, the whole era is so fabulously represented with attention paid to every last detail. If you’re a vintage fashion lover you will literally drool at the screen!

Mad Men is about a Madison Avenue based advertising agency and series one is set in 1960. The series covers the work and lives of employees and their families, and is a fantastic snapshot of life in New York in the early 60s right from the top of the food chain with the company partners to the secretaries. What had the most profound effect on me was the attitudes of the time towards women, homosexuals and black people, it makes you realise how far we have come in 60 years. The early 60s were a politically turbulent time and the events that took place during the era run alongside the main storyline. Events like JFK becoming president, Marilyn Monroe’s death, the fear of nuclear attack and the civil rights movement are all taking place in the background.

The characters are complex, believable and interesting. They are easy to love and hate at the same time. If perfection were a TV programme Mad Man would be it. I just can’t wait to carry on watching. In fact that’s what I’m going to do now…

P.S. My need for vintage clothing has reached fever pitch due to obsessive viewing of Mad Men! Here’s a few vintage picks to get the Mad Men look. xxx


50s Lace Vintage Prom Dress £150 Natasha Bailie


60s Vintage Rose Cocktail Dress Natasha Bailie


1950s dress £85 Love Miss Daisy

I absolutely love regency fashion and just had to share this video. The details on the dresses are so beautiful!

I will have to do a proper post on Regency era fashions very soon, however today I have to get on with my mummy duties! Enjoy the video!

Today I was hoping to bring you a post featuring all my Fabulous car boot finds. I had written a massive list of all the things I wanted to pick up and had planned visits to at least 3 different car boot sales. But sadly 2 of them were cancelled due to the fine British weather and the one that was brave enough to run despite the rain had hardly any sellers.

Mt only thrifty fix for the day was a quick visit to a couple of charity shops where I bought a small vintage sideboard, a dress and a large glass jar so the day wasn’t a total thrift fail.

One thing that I was particularly on the lookout for was some vintage tumblers, I had tumbler envy after seeing these beauties on the Sew a Little Love blog. As the rain dampened my tumbler chances I decided to have a look at some online lovelies. Here are a few of my faves…

 Vintage Tumblers £14.99 from A Pretty Penny Available here

1950s Lemonade Set £45 from A Pretty Penny Available here

1950s Floral Tumblers from Ebay £24.99 Available here

But what I really want is Flamingo ones! And this is the closest thing i could find…

Flamingo Tumblers $59.99 from Ebay Available here

There are absolutely loads of amazing designs out there and if you looking for a nice vintage touch without breaking the bank then 1950s tumblers are a great way to go. I’m just hoping that the sun will be out next weekend and I can get to some car boot sales before the season ends! Keep everything crossed for me and I’m desperate to get the house finished before christmas!

In the run up to Blogiesta this weekend I’ve been making plans for the blog. I’ve been reading some of my favourite blogs and looking at the things I like best about what they do. I’m going to be writing a to-do list for Blogiesta this Saturday to work out all the little bits and bobs I’d like to do on the blog and finish off some posts I’ve been working on.

One of the most important things I’d like to work on is giving my posts a little more structure, so I’ve decided to do certain posts on certain days. this is what I’ve come up with so far…

Monday History Post

Tuesday Television Post

Wednesday Days out / Things to do Post

Thursday Make do and mend / Up-cycling / Craft Post

Friday Book Review

Saturday Fashion Post

Sunday Home Post

And I’ll cover any other subjects in addition to these posts during the week where I can. I’ve also got a few discounts and giveaways planned for upcoming months. Speaking of which dont forget to enter my Fifty Shades Giveaway.

I’d love to know what you’d like to see on the blog and which posts you enjoy reading. And I’ll keep working hard to make the blog better everyday!