Now its September, I think it’s just about acceptable to start talking about Christmas. I’ve been saving up a few posts from some of the Christmas in July events I went to this year. I’m starting with Dot Com Gift Shop, who have a beautiful range of gifts and lovely things. I always really enjoy their press days and feel inspired by all the quirky and unusual gifts they sell. There really is a lovely gift for everyone and here are a few of my favourites.

dot-com-gift-shop-christmas-secret-agent-kitsGifts for kids: My children always get loads of presents at Christmas time from family and friends and I often struggle to find room for all their new things at home. I like to get smaller gifts for them myself, especially little kits and things they can make and do. I also like board games and more unusual gifts. These secret agent kits look really fun.

dot-com-gift-shop-christmas-traditional-gamesI really love their wide range of vintage toys. The graphics on them are absolutely fantastic and they are just as fun as modern plastic toys. They also remind me of some of the toys my grandma had at her house when I was little, so they make me feel really nostalgic.

dot-com-gift-shop-christmas-kids-cups-and-platesI also really like their children’s creative kits, which include lots of home-made toys. They also have lots of cute tableware for little ones, I especially like the cute retro cats design.

dot-com-gift-shop-christmas-kids-bags-and-umbrellasThey have literally everything a small person could need! See the full kids range here.

dot-com-gift-shop-christmas-mens-giftsGifts for Men: Men are such tricky people to buy for, I always get stuck trying to think of nice gifts for the men in my life, that they will actually use. I was quite impressed with the range on offer for men at Dot Com Gift shop. There aren’t too many of the usual novelty items and I really liked the colours and themes. There are lots of grooming items, such as shaving tools and clothes brushes, perfect for the discerning gentlemen, or handy bike tools which I have my eye on for my bike mad dad.

dot-com-gift-shop-christmas-mens-groomingAll the ranges have similar items, but different designs. These are, Le Bicycle, a vintage inspired bike range, The Departure Lounge, with a retro inspired travel theme and The Modern Man a stylish retro masculine range. See all the mens products here.

dot-com-gift-shop-christmas-flamingo-watering-canGifts for women: I’m probably the easiest person in the world to buy for, basically if it’s colourful and would look good on my or in my house then I’m happy! I particularly have my eye on this flamingo watering can (hint hint). See all the fabulous flamingo themed gifts here.

dot-com-gift-shop-compact-mirrorsThere is also a lovely range of pretty accessories on the site and lots of cute things to put in your handbag such as these compact mirrors, mini sewing kits and travel card holders. See the full gifts for her range here.

dot-com-gift-shop-christmas-stonewareGifts for the home: I love my home so much, that I would happily spend my Christmas budget buying gifts for it. If you have a friend or a relative you likes pretty home bits, or cooking then there is plenty of awesome stuff to choose from. I really like these retro hanging decorations.

dot-com-gift-shop-christmas-kitchen-accessoriesThese bright and cheerful kitchen accessories, are so pretty. I really like the recipe tins, to organise all the recipes that I have in numerous notebooks and bits of paper!

dot-com-gift-shop-chocolate-tinsThese little tins would be perfect for storing pins, desk things and little treasures away.

dot-com-gift-shop-christmas-stationaryStationary Gifts: Being a complete stationary addict myself, I’m always happy to be given cute pens and pretty notebooks. There are loads of different designs for men, women and children, see the full range here.

dot-com-gift-shop-christmas-in-julyIt seems really early to be thinking about it, but here are a few of the lovely decorations and wrapping that are already available on the site. If you’re an early planner or just too excited to wait any longer, check out the full Christmas range here.


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chlo-bo-labradorite-sparkle-flower-heart-braceletAs you may know my jewellery collection is a pretty big one. I love accessorising all my outfits with pretty pieces and I’m always on the lookout for lovely things to wear with my clothes. I was recently given the opportunity to review something from the ChloBo website. They sell a gorgeous range of stackable pieces of jewellery, which are perfect for mixing and matching.

chlo-bo-labradorite-sparkle-flower-heart-bracelet-reviewI chose this lovely rose and labradorite stretching bracelet, with a cute little heart charm. I thought it would go nicely with some of my pastel coloured floral dresses as well as brightening up simple casual looks. 

chlobo-labradorite-sparkle-flower-heart-braceletThe bracelet is really delicate and simple and I love the pretty stones and rose gold beads, the little details are so lovely. It is made with high quality Sterling silver and coated with rose gold.

chlo-bo-labradorite-sparkle-flower-heart-bracelet-close-upChloBo jewellery is made in the UK, which is always a big selling point for me as I’m passionate about supporting British companies. The range is inspired by freedom and travel, with different global influences.

chlobo-rose-gold-heart-braceletI really like the boho feel and the fact that you can build up a collection of jewellery and build different stacks.  You could go really heavy and wear loads, or just keep it simple with one. 

chlobo-rose-gold-heart-bracelet-reviewAll the charms have different meanings, so for example with my bracelet the Labradorite is the semi-precious stone of spiritual awakening. When held, it is believed to have calming and healing powers. The heart is worn as a symbol of love.

chlobo-rose-gold-and-labradorite-heart-braceletI was really pleased with the quality of the bracelet, which came in a sturdy presentation box. I think it would make a wonderful gift for a special occasion. In the same way that you would add to a charm bracelet, you could keep adding new bracelets to the stack over time. ChloBo also have a wide range of necklaces, rings and earrings to compliment the bracelets.

Check out the full range on the ChloBo website.

I am entering the Cosmo Blog Awards again this year. If you have a minute, I would really appreciate a nomination in the Lifestyle category. Thank you! You can place your nominations here.

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Last week Jess was away on a school trip for a few days and I decided this was the perfect time to give a her room a bit of a makeover. I’d already discussed loads of ideas with her and she’d chosen all the colours and the theme before she went away. It took us all week, but I love how the room came out.

jesss-room-weird-is-a-side-effect-of-awesome-plaqueI didn’t take any before pictures, but the room used to be pink with floral wallpaper and was much more vintage themed. I wanted the new room to be more of a reflection of Jessica, than my taste and I’m so glad I gave her the freedom to choose.

jesss-room-check-meowtWe wanted to create a restful space, where she could be relaxed but also creative. She’s 10 now, but will be going into high school next year and I wanted a theme that wouldn’t be too young for her as she gets a bit older.

jesss-room-wood-wallpaper-wallThe colour scheme we chose was grey, mint and peach. We have walls painted in each of those colours as well as a wall with beachy timber wallpaper. I absolutely love the combination of colours. We used the relaxing mint shade on the wall with her desk and the peach on the side where she keeps her toys.

jesss-room-primark-wall-plaquesJess has been collecting these cute wall plaques for a while, I have loads more which I haven’t put up yet as well. These all come from Primark and the plan is to keep filling the wall with them. I’ve hung them on coats hooks so she can change them around when ever she wants.

jesss-room-primark-home-accessoriesHer desk is also a new addition, she originally had an up cycled 1930s dressing table, but this had really started to wear out. We picked up this simple white one from Ikea and I think it works much better this the new theme.

jesss-room-desk-and-wall-plaquesJess chose the pictures above her desk, which are also from Ikea. I’ve put them in some simple black frames, which I may spray paint a different colour at some point.

jesss-room-ikea-printsIt was important that Jess could get to all her toys, so I’ve not tried to hide them away and they’re all easy for her to access and play with. The big tubs at the tops are from Tesco and the grey boxes containing her smaller toys are from Ikea.

jesss-room-grey-and-mint-primark-beddingHer new bedding is from Primark, who have so many amazing home accessories in at the moment.

jesss-room-makeoverI haven’t quite finished the room and there’s a lot I’d like to add to it. But I’m really happy with the progress so far. Watch this space for an update in a few weeks.

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It’s been a fab year for vintage events and I’ve been to more this year than ever before. With the festival season coming to a close, there is one more big event on my Calendar for September. Salute to the 40s will be coming to Chatham Dockyard next weekend and I absolutely cannot wait to check it out.

_mg_4173The events features music and dancing from a fabulous selection of bands and musicians as well as a host of other 40s themed entertainment. I’m really looking forward to the air raid experience all the other recreations. The event has lots of focus on history with lots of activities for the whole family. I’ll be taking my kids with me as I think they’ll love it too.

img_6941There will also be lots of cars and other vehicles on display. Each day there will be a ‘coming home’ parade of all the vehicles which I’m really looking forward to seeing.

Salute to the '40s, the Historic Dockyard Chatham, 21 September 2013

Of course no vintage event would be complete without a bit of shopping! There will be a great selection of traders, seeing both original vintage and reproduction. I can’t wait to look for some treasures to take home. After all the history and shopping there are plenty of food traders and places to eat on-site.

mjg_9899I will be taking lots of pictures on the day and will share them on here for those of you who can’t make it down.


There is so much going on over the weekend, so if you’re interested in attending you can find all the details of the Historic Dockyard website.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Twinwood Festival for the first time. The festival celebrates all things vintage, from music and dance to fashion, with a lot of history thrown in. I went with a big group of friends from the Most Marvellous Meet Ups group and we had a fantastic time. I’m going to write another post talking about the festival a bit more and sharing my outfits from the weekend, but today I wanted to share some pictures of some of my friends and their gorgeous outfits.

twinwood-festival-2016-amy-and-rebeccaAmy and Becky

twinwood-festival-2016-carrie-ann-nicola-and-hollyCarrie-Ann, Nicola and Holly

twinwood-festival-2016-lynda-and-sarahLynda and Sarah

twinwood-festival-2016-hattie-and-lottieLottie and Hattie

twinwood-festival-2016-beverley-steph-etcSteph and Beverley and I can’t remember the names of the two handsome chaps (someone help me out)

twinwood-festival-2016-samSam, wearing my favourite outfit from the weekend. I love everything about this gorgeous yellow outfit.

twinwood-festival-2016-holly-and-emmaHolly and Emma

twinwood-festival-2016-marvelettesMe, Tanya, Beverley, Steph, Sam and Lucy

twinwood-festival-2016-becky-beverly-and-amyBecky, Beverley and Amy

twinwood-festival-2016-becky-and-amyBecky and Amy doing 40s to perfection.

twinwood-festival-2016-beverly-lucy-tanya-and-stephBeverley, Lucy, Tanya, and Steph with a handsome chap!

twinwood-festival-2016-gemma-lucy-and-rachelGemma, Lucy and Rachel

Doesn’t everyone look fabulous. Next year I might pluck up the courage to ask people I don’t know for photos, as there were so many stunning outfits everywhere. It was like vintage heaven! Look out for my outfit round-up some time in the next week.

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