Happy Easter!
Happy Easter everyone! I love this time of year with Spring on its way. I’m tucked up in bed today with a sore throat, and hoping to feel much better tomorrow. So no proper post… View Post

Gatsby Trailers 1926 and 2013
This week I have been reading the Great Gatsby as it is one of our upcoming books in The Vintage Book Group. I can’t wait to see the new film it looks fabulous. It is… View Post

Book Review – Style Me Vintage Weddings
I’ve been looking forward to this lovely book arriving for ages. I adore the Style Me Vintage series and couldn’t wait to take a look at the latest installment. The books are great because the… View Post

My Lastest Vintage Buys
I have bought a few new vintage dresses for the summer on Ebay and Etsy for the summer. If it ever stops snowing and warms up a bit in London I might get to wear… View Post

Vintage Style Swimwear
I’m going on holiday in a few weeks, I can’t wait for a little getaway, and a chance to get my summer dresses out of hiding a few weeks early.  I need some new swimwear and… View Post

Making My Own Vintage Dress – Part Three
I’ve almost finished the dress, I just have to finish the zip and hem the bottom. I’m hoping to have it finished by tomorrow. I’m so happy with how it came out, and this is… View Post

20% Discount at MiaFleur
MiaFleur sell a beautiful selection of vintage and vintage style home decorations. The range is both unique and eclectic and would fit well into a vintage or shabby chic themed home. Mia Fleur are offering… View Post

Vitality Show Haul
Yesterday Fay and I went to The Vitality Show at Earls Court in London as guests of the lovely Green People. The show is a great mix of fitness, food, beauty and lifestyle. I was… View Post

Sewing My Own Vintage Dress – part two
This project has been on the shelf for a few week’s as I’ve just not had the time to get on with it. I found myself with a precious hour spare this afternoon so cracked… View Post

Footage of London in the 1950s
I just love this video of London in the 1950s, and I had to share it. It’s amazing how much our city has changed and also how much it has stayed the same. I must… View Post
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