My Week In Pictures 23rd- 30th July
I’m back with another week in pictures. I ended up skipping a week, because I pretty much had a whole week of getting my head round my recent diagnosis and just taking a break from… View Post

Daisies and Lavender – Voodoo Vixen Deliliah Dress Review
Green is my absolute favourite colour, I love trees and freshly cut grass and being in the countryside with nothing but green landscape for miles. My bedroom is painted green and my favourite pen writes… View Post

A Quick Health Update
I just wanted to update everyone who read my blog post last week. Everyone’s kind messages have been so lovely and very much appreciated. When rubbish things happen knowing people care really does help. I’ll… View Post

My Week in Pictures 10th – 16th July
If you read my last post, you’ll know that last week wasn’t the best. I had thought about not writing a week in pictures post, but this is one challenge that I don’t want to… View Post

The Worst Day – Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Headaches.
I normally keep this blog for the good things, I’ve said a lot that its my happy place and rather than needing to include all the stuff from the real world, it’s ok for it… View Post

Get the Vintage Look: 8 Decade-by-Decade Fashion Illustrations
I have clothes and accessories from many vintage eras in my wardrobe. One of the most fun things about wearing a collecting vintage, is experimenting with different eras. Although each decade has a wide variety of… View Post

Vintage Favourites – The Best Dresses Come from Friends
It’s been a few weeks since I shared one of my favourite original vintage dresses and I thought it was high time I showed you another. The dress I’m wearing today originally belonged to my… View Post

My Week in Pictures 3rd – 9th July
Last week I decided to start doing My Week in Pictures posts on here again, I love looking back on these posts and remembering what I actually do with all my time! So here’s another… View Post

Saying Bonjour with Joanie Clothing
A few weeks ago I reviewed the lovely striped shirt dress from Joanie Clothing. Today I have another lovely outfit from them. I’ve really got a thing for orange at the moment, so I chose… View Post

My Week In Pictures – 26th June – 2nd July
In the five and a bit years I’ve been writing my blog, I’ve sporadically done week in pictures posts. As well as being fun, I think it does me good to look back at my… View Post
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