Traditional Vintage Bakewell Tart Recipe

28 Jan

Tradition Bakewell tart Recipe 2

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I’ve been baking a lot more recently especially vintage recipes. I have also built up my collection of vintage magazines and recipe books over the last few weeks so I have loads of new ones to try. I already have a few recipes ready to share on here, that I’ve converted into modern measurements, ingredients and temperatures. First up is one of the most delicious bakes I ever made, a traditional bakewell tart recipe with is adapted from a 1950s Elizabeth Craig recipe.

Traditional Bakewell Tart Recipe 3

This is a really simple, quick and easy recipe and all the ingredients can be picked up on the baking aisle at the supermarket. I used a 28cm pie dish to make this.

Traditional Bakewell Tart Recipe 1


300g shortcrust pastry. (Can be made from scratch or bought pre rolled)

5 table spoons of jam (any flavour although I used strawberry)

150g Butter

150g caster sugar

4 large egg yolks

1 large egg white

4 drops almond essence

75g ground almonds

Traditional Bakewell Tart Recipe 4


1. Pre heat oven to 220 degrees. Roll out pastry and line your pie dish.

2. Spread your jam all over the pastry.

3. Beat the butter and sugar until creamy.

4. Beat in the egg yolks one at a time.

5. Beat the egg white and almond essence together and add to the mixture along with the ground almonds.

6. Carefully spread the mixture evening over the jam and pastry base.

7. Bake in the centre of the oven for 15 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 150 degrees and bake for a further 10-15 minutes.

Traditional Bakewell Tart Recipe 5

I was so happy with how this one came out and everyone really enjoyed it. You can also try adding some flaked almonds over the top before baking if you prefer but I did’t on this occasion.

Traditional Bakewell Tart Recipe 7

Traditional Bakewell Tart Recipe 6

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and please let me know if you try it. If you have any vintage recipe requests please let me know and I’ll see if I can find and recreate them.

TK Maxx Baking Haul

27 Jan

This Christmas my lovely Mum and Dad were kind enough to buy me and Rob a KitchenAid Mixer as our present. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever owned and has really got me back into baking. I’ve tried so many vintage recipes that have been on my to-do list forever. I have big plans to share a lot more recipes here on the blog and I’m busy experimenting and getting them to work with modern ingredients, temperatures and measurements, so watch this space!

All this baking left me wanted some new baking bits to present my creations in and so we popped to TK Maxx to see what we could find. I love how they have really quirky pieces as well as well known brands and the discounts are really good. I knew the sort of thing I needed so it was all about choosing the prettiest colours and I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s what I bought…

TK Maxx Vintage Enamel Cooking Pot

First up was this enamel cooking pot, I’ve seen lot’s of 1930s puddings that this would be perfect for. I absolutely love enamel kitchenware and this looks wonderfully vintage, and it looks great in my kitchen. I’ve already used this for a recipe I’ll be sharing here next week. This cost £6.99.

TK Maxx Le Creuset Pie Dish

Next up was a Le Creuset pie dish. I use these all the time but I didn’t have one this size so it was a great addition to my kitchen cupboard. I found it really hard to choose between the blue and the pink, but in the end I chose this colour as I think it’ll look good in photographs. This cost £12.99.

TK Maxx Tala Glass Jelly Mould

Then I got this Tala glass jelly mould. I’m experimenting with blancmange at the moment and this is absolutely perfect for making pretty set desserts. It also looks really nice displayed on my dresser with some of my vintage Tala items. This cost £4.99.

TK Maxx Vintage Porcelain Painted Muffin Tin

TK Maxx Vintage Muffin Tin

My favourite purchase was this beautiful muffin tray, I’ve never seen one like this before and I love all the pretty painted details. I can’t wait to use it! This cost £9.99.

TK Maxx Lily Cook Patterned Baking Paper

I couldn’t resist this pretty striped baking paper, there were several different designs in store. Although it’s not a very essential baking tool I know it will look really pretty and as I photograph a lot of my baking this will look really pretty in my pictures. This was £1.99 a roll.

TK Maxx Cooksmart Kids Princess Cookie Cutters

As my girls love to bake too I couldn’t leave them out so we picked up this lovely set of princess cookie cutters. I love the idea of creating a fairy tale scene from ginger bread with them. We also got them a pair of adorable piggie spatular to mix up their cakes with. These cost £3.99 and £1.99.

What do you think of my baking buys? Do you ever buy home bits at TK Maxx?

A Day Out at Hampton Court Palace

26 Jan

Just before Christmas we took a little trip to Hampton Court Palace. The girls absolutely love the mix of history and open space to run around and as well as exploring the vast palace we also had a good wander round the gardens, before exploring the tudor kitchens. As usual I took lots of pictures of our day.

I love taking pictures of all the little details round the palace which was home to Tudor, Stuart and Georgian monarchs, here are some of my favourites from the day…

Hampton Court Lion Statue

Hampton Court Jessica

Hampton Court GRII

Hampton Court Throne Crest

Hampton Court Tapestry Detail

Hampton Court Tapestry Detail 2

Hampton Court Painted Ceiling Detail

Hampton Court Mirror Detail

Hampton Court chandelier

Hampton Court Chandelier 2

Hampton Court Table Food

Hampton Court Orangery

Hampton Court Books

Hampton Court Doorway Statue

Hampton Court Flower Pot

Hampton Court Garden Statues

Hampton Court Garden

Hampton Court Garden Fleur de Lis

Hampton Court Padlock

Hampton Court Garden Statues

Hampton Court Statue 2

Hampton Court Window

Hampton Court ER

Hampton Court Carp

Hampton Court Fire

Hampton Court Kitchen Onions

Hampton Court Kitchen


I hope you enjoyed looking through our pictures. Hampton Court is the perfect day our for a family na both girls learnt a lot about the palace as well as getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. See what I wore in my outfit post from a few weeks ago.

Wallpaper inspired by Hampton Court Palace from Cole and Sons…

15% Discount at Dorothy Perkins

22 Jan

I love sharing offers and discount on the blog and today I have a fantastic discount code for Dorothy Perkins. I’ve also picked out a few pieces from the website that I think would look great in a vintage girl’s wardrobe. They have a great selection of pencil skirts and dresses and I’ve teamed them with pretty knitwear and a floaty blouse as well as some very 1950s appropriate shoes…

Dorothy Perkins Discount 15

Navy Heart Cardigan – £20 - Green and Navy Check Pencil Skirt – £22

Cream Windsor Blouse – £39 – Green Jacquard Midi Skirt – £19

Black Sleeveless Roll Neck Jumper – £20 - Check Print Velvet Pencil Skirt – £10

Red Keyhole Pencil Dress – £22 

Jade Green Lace Shoulder Dress – £33

Burgundy Off The Shoulder Dress – £30

Black Bow Shoes – £25

Snake Effect Shoes – £23

Shop online on the Dorothy Perkins Website and use code WOW15. Some brands are not included in the offer so please check at the checkout. Code expires at midnight 26th January. 

What Lingerie Looked Like in the Early 20th Century

21 Jan

Last week I was contacted by Tara from Sheer Luxury Lingerie about an infographic she’s produced detailing early 20th century lingerie. As someone who has worked in lingerie I always love to see anything that talks about it’s history and I thought it was a great reference for vintage loving ladies, so I decided to share it with you.


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