A Little Vintage Tea Party and a Fabulous New Tablecloth

19 Apr

A lot of people ask me what I do with all the cakes I bake. I’m forever trying new recipes and if I ate everything I baked I wouldn’t be fitting into any of my vintage dresses anymore! I usually give them away to friends and family and sometimes take them to peoples houses when I go for a visit.

Vintage Cake Table

A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to review an oilcloth tablecloth from Wipe Easy Tablecloths, and after looking at all the lovely designs they had on offer, it was a resounding yes from me! There are a few retro patterns and some  modern designs, but in the end I decided on the very adorable Paddling Ducks design. I measured up my table and requested the closest in size from the website. There are loads of sizes on offer and there are options to add parasol holes for outdoor tables too.

Vintage Tea Party

In the meantime Rob and I found a new table in a charity shop and got rid of our old one. So when my lovely oilcloth arrived, I offered it to my mum as I knew it would fit her table and would look lovely in her kitchen. When I popped it over I had just had a mammoth baking session and took lots of cakes and biscuits over for a little tea party with my parents. My dad had just bought me a beautiful vintage Meakin tea set which looked absolutely amazing with the oil cloth so I took lots of pictures of our little tea party to share with you.

Meakin Yellow Teacup

I absolutely love the tablecloth, as a mum of two small children I know how much use a table gets. The kids are forever doing crafts, eating meals, baking cakes and doing homework at the table so generally it needs quite a lot of protection. Oilcloth covers are perfect for making a table look pretty while also keeping spills off the wooden surface. It’s completely wipe clean and I’ve found in the past that they last for ages. It’s a shame I didn’t get to keep this one but I know my mum will really appreciate when the grandchildren come to visit.

Wipe Easy Tablecloths

Paddling Ducks Oilcloth Tablecloth

The design was absolutely lovely and features a selection of ducks and geese. I think it has quite a retro feel to it, while still being really fun and pretty. The colours are really versatile and would go with lots of different colours and decor themes, so definitely a flexible pattern to choose. If you’re going for a more shabby chic look there are plenty of florals ginghams and polka dots available on the site too and for more modern looks there are cute little stars and cupcake designs as well.

Duck Tablecloth

It was delivered on a roll so there were no creases to smoothen out which I really appreciated as ones I’ve bought in shops before have been quite tricky to flatten out after being folded.

Wipe Easy Duck Table Cloth

To see the whole range visit the Wipe Easy Tablecloth Website.

Find my Paddling Duck Tablecloth here

Gorgeous Vintage Inspired Dresses from Sainsburys

18 Apr

I’ve always been a fan of buying clothes in supermarkets, usually when I realise I need something urgently but all the other shops are closed and supermarkets are the only places still open. I’ve never really found much to tempt me in Sainsburys however. In the past there’s never really been anything that suits my style and I’ve only ever found bits for the girls.

That all changed when I popped in a couple of weeks ago and within 5 minutes had added about 20 things to my mental wishlist. You see, Sainsburys have gone vintage! The vast majority of their Spring / Summer collection is inspired by the 1950s and I love it! Now if I was rolling in money at the moment I would have left with everything – at least 5 dresses, 3 cute blouses and a selection of lovely skirts and capri pants. However as I’m on a budget I left with two dresses.

I thought I’d show you them and let you know what I thought after wearing each of them for a day.

First up is my favourite. I have a bit of a thing for gingham, especially red gingham. Despite already having an original vintage Horrockses dress which is quite similar I knew this would be a great summer purchase that I would get a lot of wear out of without worrying about trashing it.

Sainsburys Gingham Shirt Dress

The best thing about the dress is that it has a full circle skirt which is unusual in high street buys which means if I want to really vintage it up, I can pop a petticoat underneath. The dress is made in lovely light cotton and the skirt is lined. the quality is amazing for a dress that cost just £20. Yes £20!!! Such a bargain.

Sainsburys Red Gingham 1950s Dress

I love the cute faux pocket detail and pretty white buttons and as it fastens with a side zip it fits absolutely beautifully. This could be dressed up or down and on this occasion I wore the dress with a red cardigan from Collectif and a pair of red ballet pumps for an everyday look. If I was doing something a bit more special than school runs and housework I’d wear it with a petticoat and some red bakelite jewellery.

Sainsburys Red Gingham Dress with Petticoat

 Worn here with a full petticoat.


The other dress I picked up wasn’t the one I was planning to get, I’d had my eye on a white floral shirt dress but I loved the print on this one so much that I just had to have it. This is slightly less vintage looking as the skirt isn’t quite as full and it reminds me of the cut of some of my Cath Kidston dresses. Again this is perfect for wearing as an everyday dress in the summer or dressed up for an event.

Sainsburys Plum Vintage Style Dress

This one was also £20 and is a lovely printed cotton with a lined skirt and pretty covered buttons at the back. I love the pretty trim, which definitely makes the dress look a little more expensive than it was.

Sainsburys Plum Dress Front

All the vintage style dresses on offer are priced between £18 and £22 so they are really affordable and perfect for someone who wanted to add some modern dresses to their vintage collection or if you want to get something with a vintage retro look on a budget.

I took some snaps of some of the other things I liked on my phone, as I really want to go back for more. I know I don’t need any more dresses, but I’m sure I’ll find some excuse to justify the extra purchases!

Sainsburys dresses

Annoyingly none of the dresses seem to be on the Sainsburys website, so if you want to get your hands on them you’ll have to get them in store. I did take a look on the PR Shots website and found some images of some of the dresses that will be coming in, as well as a gorgeous gingham swimsuit that is totally vintage appropriate.


So get on down to Sainsburys and add some pretty dresses to your trollies!

Exuviance Purifying Clay Masque Review

17 Apr

For those of you who like beauty related posts on the blog, you’re in for a treat as I have loads of skincare and make-up related stuff coming up in the next few weeks. I’m forever trying lovely new products and definitely don’t include that side of things on here enough! I also think spring is a great time to shake up your skincare routine and have a little skin spring clean!

Exuviance Purifying Clay Masque Review

Tonight I’m reviewing a product that I’ve been using and enjoying for a couple of weeks now. I was gifted an Exuviance Purifying Clay Masque at Bloggers Fashion Week and being a big user of masks I couldn’t wait to try it. I’ve been using it about twice a week and my skin is feeling very happy and healthy.

I’ve always been very lucky to have quite clear skin and to keep it that way I always try to cleanse, tone and moisturise everyday and eat lots of fruit and veg. I do however never get enough sleep. People often ask me how I manage to be a full-time mum, write my blog, read lot’s of books and forever be out thrifting. The answer lies in staying up far too late in order to juggle everything. So when I’m extra tired and my skin needs a little boost I like to have a little pamper in the form of a lovely bubble bath and face mask.


This is a high-end product that is mostly available in spas, and is an at home and professional product. All their products are clinically proven and developed by dermatologists. The mask is full of fabulous skin saviour ingredients including vitamins A, C and E as well as papaya and honey extracts. It also contains Bentonite and Kaolin to absorb toxins and oil and refine pores.

Exuviance Skincare Review

I love the simple spa style packaging of the product which comes in a boxed 50ml tube. A little goes a long way with this one, so there is enough for plenty of applications in each one. There are clear instructions which advise applying the product to dry skin and allowing it to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Exuviance Clay Mask

The product is easy to apply and sits smoothly on the skin. After a minute or two you can really feel the mask tingling and getting to work and as it dries you can really feel it cleaning out your pores. I leave it on for the full ten minutes and then remove it with a muslin cloth and warm water.

Exuviance Clay Review

After use my skin feels really clean and smooth without being dried out, my skin looked really fresh and glowy and I was really happy with the results. Overall I was really impressed with the mask and would definitely like to try some of the other products from the range. Although it is quite expensive I like it as a little luxury and it really does work, so for that I would definitely recommended it.

The Purifying Clay Masque retails at £33

Find out more about Exuviance products on their website

April 2015 Birchbox Review

16 Apr

Birchbox Review April 2015

Getting excited about the arrival of my Birchbox has become a bit of my monthly routine. We get a lot of post in my house with me being blogger and Rob forever ordering fishing stuff from eBay. When I know the box is due, every ring of the doorbell has me hoping my monthly dose of beauty surprises has arrived.

For those of you not familiar with Birchbox, it’s a monthly beauty subscription box. When you subscribe you fill in a beauty profile and then each month you receive a lovely box of high-end products to try. You also earn points for each box which you can redeem on full sized products in the Birchbox shop.

This months box was a particularly pretty one. I might keep this one to store some jewellery in or something. The box has a royal theme to celebrate the imminent arrival of another royal baby. So in keeping with the royal theme I dug out some magazines from 1953 and used some pictures of the queen looking young and beautiful as the backdrop for my pics of this months beauty treats.

Birchbox April 2015 Box Review

All in all I was pretty impressed with the contents of this months box. Pretty much everything is stuff I will use and my daily beauty regime has been full of Birchbox samples recently as I’ve has some great things in recent boxes too.


The first product is a lovely Laura Mercier eye pencil in Violet. It’s a really beautiful colour and the formula glides on really smoothly. It also stays put amazingly well for a pencil without smudging at all. I’ve used it a couple of times instead of my usual black liquid liner and I love the pretty subtle look I achieved with it.

April Birchbox Lola Nail Polish

Next up was a Lola Barcelona nail polish in the shade Rambla which was a Birchbox exclusive. I love this pretty coral shade. I have quite a few coral polishes as it’s a colour I love. I really liked the colour I achieved in just 2 coats with this one. It dried really quickly and stayed put through several days of spring cleaning so I was really impressed.

April Birchbox No Oil Oil

The third product was a Percy and Reed London No Oil Oil. This is a great product which is applied to towel dried hair. It smells absolutely beautiful and my hair looked and felt lovely after using it. Having quite thick hair I don’t really need volumising products, but after a blow dry and straighten I was really happy with the product. It’s really light too so it doesn’t make hair feel weighed down or greasy either.

April Birchbox Bliss Foaming Face Wash

I then tried the Bliss Fabulously Foaming Face Wash. This product contains botanical extracts and is both a cleanser and exfoliator. I’m really making an effort with skincare at the moment so I was really pleased to have this product to try. I mostly used it with a cleansing brush while in the bath and my skin felt wonderfully clean and fresh after use. The product also smells really lovely.

April Birchbox Korres Shower Gel

I’m always really happy when Birchbox include a Korres product in the box as they are one of my favourite brands. This time the box included a Bergamot Pear shower gel. The shower gel contains aloe vera and is lovely and moisturising for the skin. The fresh pear smell is gorgeous and it feels like a real luxury bath product. This is proably my new favourite Korres product as it smells so yummy.

April Birchbox Imedeen

The bonus product in this months box a pack of Imedeen tablets which I haven’t got round to trying yet. This vitamin packed supplement is full of goodness for the skin and I will be trying it really soon.

What did you think of the contents of this months box? If you’d like to sign up for Birchbox yourself I have a refer a friend link which will give you 50 points (£5) to spend in the Birchbox shop when you sign up. You can find out more or sign up for Birchbox here.

Bloggers Fashion Week #BLFW

15 Apr

A couple of weeks ago I popped to a fab event in London organised by Bloggers Love. Bloggers Fashion Week is a fantastic event for bloggers to meet each other and some fantastic brands. I met some absolutely lovely people and was introduced to some great brands who I’m looking forward to working with in the future.

The event featured a gifting lounge where we were given some samples of products to go away and try at home and the mix of companies and products was fantastic. The event was really fun and well organised and I can’t wait to go to the next one later in the year. The event took place over two nights, but I was only able to attend the second night. I’ll definitely try and go to both next time.

I’ll be featuring some of the brands in their own blog posts in the future as I’ll be spreading my reviews out over the next month or so. But here are a few pictures I managed to take on the night…

Blogger Fashion Week Beauty Brands

There were loads of great beauty brands at the event and I picked up lots of great products to review. Exuviance is a spa skincare brand who produce gorgeous high end skincare products. Gruhme is a new independent men’s grooming range which smells divide and the owner has a wonderful worth ethic which supports British manufacture. Lip Glam is a fantastic multi purpose balm which I can’t wait to try. Roots and Rituals is a gorgeous range of hair care products full of lovely natural ingredients. 

Blogger Fashion Week Accessories

I love discovering new jewellery brands and I was especially impressed with Mink and Stone a website where you can design your own bead jewellery. Tara Osbourne Jewellery have a beautiful range of pretty jewellery, I loved the bracelets that I’ve pictured and her lovely stacking rings. Get Clobbered have a eccentric range of accessories featuring huge feather details. 

Blogger Fashion Week Fruit

I’m looking forward to receiving a fruit bouquet from First Fruit who make amazing fruit displays for events and weddings. Snoody Do stock lots of fabulous woolly items for the colder months, I want a pair of their mittens! Edge ‘o Beyond have some seriously sexy lingerie with a touch of class. The bras don’t go up to my size but I wouldn’t mind a pair of their lovely lace knickers. 

Other brands who stood out me were Comb who offer an amazing iPhone app where you scan an item you like using the camera on your phone and it comes up with similar products. It’s so clever!

Benefit were on hand doing eyebrow make-overs and gave me a couple of sample of Pore-fessional my absolute favourite Primer.

I also picked up products to try from Umberto Giannini and My Chelle and a Magnitone cleansing brush which I have been using loads and will be reviewing very soon.

Thanks so much to Bloggers Love for organising the event and all the brands who were really generous and all  very lovely to chat to.

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