In the five and a bit years I’ve been writing my blog, I’ve sporadically done week in pictures posts. As well as being fun, I think it does me good to look back at my weeks and pick out the highlights and best bits. Being a work at home mum, most of my kid free time is spent either working or doing housework and although you won’t see that on my blog or Instagram it can all be a bit samey and boring! I do try to break my weeks up by making time for myself and for my friends and by doing nice things with the kids, so you’ll see a bit more of that in my weekly summaries, as this is definitely a place for the best bits! As I hadn’t planned this post, I haven’t taken pics for everyday but I’ll try to be a bit more organised for future weeks.


The week started on a lovely note with a trip to Lila’s school. Her year were doing a little showcase to show the parents what they’d learnt this year. They all did so well and their singing and dancing was adorable. Lila talked about science and I was a very proud mummy.

When I got home I did a lot of cleaning and then Fay popped over and we went to the tattoo shop to get her nose pierced. She was very brave! Fay stayed at mine for a bit while I did some cleaning and made the iced tea and took the pics for my T2 post, which I posted a couple of days ago.


Most of the day was spent having really good tidy and clean of the house. I also reorganised the girls wardrobes and put all the washing away. I also wrote and scheduled a couple of blog posts.

After school I picked up the girls and we headed to Hampton Court. As we have a membership, I try to go as often as possible and going for a couple of hours after school always works really well for us. We usually go for a long play in The Magic Garden, but we just missed entry this time as they had a private function. So we decided to wander round the gardens, which were looking absolutely stunning.


Fay and I try to have bestie blog days as often as possible. These involve lots of inappropriate chat, pretty places, nice food and a lot of photographs. We started Wednesday by taking a trip to the lavender fields with Fay’s mum. I always feel so lucky to have somewhere so beautiful just a short drive from my house. As well as having a lovely walk, we also tried a lavender cream tea.

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I share a lot of my everyday outfits which don’t make it onto the blog, over on Instagram. I’m wearing the Cath Kidston London Parks dress here. I have been wanting this dress for absolutely ages, as the print reminds me of special days at the park with the kids. So when it went down to £40 in the sale Rob bought it for me as a little gift. I’ve just chucked on my most comfy Converse to go with it, as we walked a lot that day.

We then jumped on the tube to Victoria and sampled some donuts from Crosstown. I had a very indulgent peanut butter one and faye had a matcha tea one. They were absolutely delicious.

We stopped at Notes coffee to get a drink to go with our donuts and were delighted that they were doing free coffee that day!

We then headed over to South Kensington for a blogger preview of the brand new courtyard and gallery at the V&A. I’ve already written about it and shared lots of pics, but here are a couple more that isn’t make it onto the main post.


I don’t think I actually took any pics on Thursday, I just spent the whole day writing posts and editing pictures. After school I took Jess to her youth club. I need to try to be a bit more interesting everyday!


Friday is always my selling day. As well as blogging mothering and freelance writing I also have an Etsy shop and sell vintage on eBay every week. On Fridays I photograph all my stock and work on my listings. I’m saving for a holiday at the moment so I’ve been selling some of my own collection as well as my usual stock. Although I keep my eBay separate from my blog, there are lots of lovely things on my Etsy too.

I wasn’t feeling very well on Friday afternoon as I had a really bad headache. Too much screen time and not enough sleep had got a bit too much for me, so I had a nap in the afternoon, which I never do. I’m really bad at getting enough sleep and I need to make a bit more effort to not get burnt out.

On Friday evening I drove me and Faye over our friends house for pizza, gossip and a bit of trashy TV watching. It did me so much good to chill out and have a giggle.


As Rob was fishing for the last few days, I had the kids to myself all weekend. We started the weekend off chilling and watching lots of Disney films together. In the afternoon we picked up Faye and went fruit and veg picking at Garson Farm in Esher.


I have nothing exciting to report from Sunday which involved lots of Disney films, housework, food shopping and cuddles with the kids.

News, Updates and Plans.

So that’s last week. I have a few nice things planned for this week as well as lots and lots of writing and photography to do. Work wise it’s going to be a busy one and July is also the most crazy month in the school calendar, with lots of sports days, showcases, fairs and shows to go to. We also have some meetings at Jess’s new high school, where she will be starting in September. As I’m planning to take a month off work in the summer I need to get ahead with work so it’s all going to be a bit crazy!

I have a couple of new articles in this months Vintage Life, which you can get your hands on here.

If you haven’t already bought the Spring issue of In Retrospect Magazine, I would highly recommend it. I have written a long article about my family history and the rest of the magazine is packed with amazing articles and vintage stuff too.


At the moment I’m re reading all my Nancy Mitford books. I recently picked up an old copy of Don’t Tell Alfred in a second hand bookshop. I love the Penguins with the orange spines, so if I spot one of my favourite books, I’ll always pick them up. I’m definitely enjoying reading an older copy of a much loved book. I really love the illustration on this one, so might try to find a better copy yo display.

Weekly Goals:

This week I am going to try to get a bit more ahead with work and get more sleep, so i don’t get over tired again. If you catch me on twitter after 10pm, tell me to go to bed! My only other goal is to remember to take more pictures of everyday life for next weeks post.

Weekly Wishlist:

I thought it would be fun to add an outfit that I am currently coveting to my weekly round up. At the moment I’m really enjoying wearing pretty dresses with comfy sandals or Converse and just going for a much more toned down casual vintage inspired look. I thought these three would look so lovely together!

What are your plans and goals for the next seven days?

I’ll be doing individual blog posts on some of the places I visited this week, so keep a look out for those as well as lots of outfits, book reviews and baking posts over the next few weeks.

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I’m not a big fan of the winter months. I don’t mind the cold too much, but the lack of daylight hours and sunshine, gets me down a bit. I’m at my most happy spending hours outdoors wearing pretty dresses and enjoying the fresh air. In the winter I usually feel like hibernating and I spend far too much time indoors. In an effort to stop myself getting into a funk, I decided to go out and get some air today. So I headed to Hampton Court, one of the most spectacular palaces in England and home to many of England’s former Kings and Queens.

hampton-court-statueI headed to Hampton Court for several reasons. Firstly I have a membership, so I don’t have to pay every time I visit. Secondly it offers a great mix of, history, heritage and beautiful gardens to walk around and explore. Thirdly my brother works there as a curator, so I get to catch up with him and enjoy a spot of lunch. It was lovely going in the winter, during the week because the palace was quite quiet and I had a lot of the rooms to myself. It was so quiet I could hear the clocks ticking and appreciate the music playing in the background without other people being there.

hampton-court-flower-pot-ladyI headed off, camera in hand and spent a lovely few hours taking in the beautiful architecture and breathing in some much needed fresh air. I feel so much better for it. I thought for todays post, it would be nice to share a few of the pictures I took today. I’ve been so often that I didn’t take any pictures of the exterior of the palace itself, although I’m sure there are some on the blog somewhere if you look hard enough.

Fabulous Ceilings…










hampton-court-henry-portraitStained Glass…



hampton-court-tudor-windowI hope you like these pictures. I took loads more, but I’ll save them for another day. I’m going to make more effort to take a few hours to myself every now and then, especially if it means visiting beautiful places. What do you do when you need a break?

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Now the weather is getting nicer I’ll be taking my kids out and about as much as possible. I thought it would be nice to make a list of 10 of my favourite places to take them out for a day, all within easy distance of London. Some of these are a drive away from London but none of them too far. I’ve linked to the original posts I wrote about our trips to each place.

Horniman Museum Exterior1. Horniman Museum and Gardens, Forest Hill. I’ve been taking the little ones to this fabulous museum for years, not only is the museum itself filled with interesting artefacts, the displays are also really child friendly. The museum also features an aquarium in the basement and extensive gardens with amazing views of central London.

Claremont Grass Amphitheatre

2. Claremont Landscape Garden, Esher, Surrey. I’ve mentioned Claremont so many times on the blog as it’s one of my very favourite places. This beautiful Landscape Garden is perfect if you like a long walk in stunning surroundings. The park has a playground and natural play area as well as fantastic National Trust cafe. My little ones absolutely love exploring the paths through the woods.

Farm 11

3. Surrey Docks Farm, Rotherhithe. This fantastic city farm in Rotherhithe sits just by the river Thames. There are plenty of animals to see and feed and the goats are particularly fun. The farm also has an amazing cafe serving lots of fresh food, some of which is grown organically on site.

Palm House Kew Edited4. Kew Gardens, Kew. This is the most expensive place to visit on my list, but it’s a fantastic way to fill a whole day with the kids. My two loved exploring the Palm House while my favourite part is definitely Kew Palace. If you have a good head for heights (which I don’t) you’ll love the tree top walk-way.

Hampton Court Lion Statue5. Hampton Court, East Molesey, Surrey. We’ve visited Hampton Court quite a few times recently because we bought a family membership to Historic Royal Palaces, so we can go whenever we want. This former home of several British Monarchs is steeped in history and there is so much to do and see. On sunny days the gorgeous gardens are perfect for exploring and if your kids get tired the family room features lots of dressing up costumes and toys to play with.

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs6. Crystal Palace Park. We visited the park earlier this year, it was the first time I’d been since I was little and we absolutely loved it. The park includes a maze, a boating lake and a selection of Victorian model dinosaurs as well as the site of the former Crystal palace itself. It’s absolutely perfect for kids and if they get hungry there’s also a fantastic cafe to refuel.

Isabella Plantation 267. Richmond Park, Richmond. I’ve been going to Richmond Park all my life and I still absolutely love it. The huge park has plenty to explore and I’m still discovering new bits to enjoy. Highlights for me include lunch at Pembroke Lodge and walks around the Isabella Plantation. The park is also full of deer which the girls love to spot.

Painshill Park8. Painshill Park, Cobham Surrey. Painshill is a simply beautiful landscape garden in Surrey. It’s perfect for a long walk and there are lots of interesting buildings and ruins to explore as well as a beautiful lake. This one does involve a lot of walking so make sure you bring sensible shoes!

Small Stories V&A Museum of Childhood9. Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green. This great museum has plenty of child and adult appeal. We always have a great time looking at all the toys on display and there are always lots of activities for the children to have a go at. The current exhibition on dolls houses is really good too. I’d recommend packing a picnic and having lunch in the beautiful park next to the museum.

Thames10. A Walk Along the Thames, London. A great way to experience the city is to go a for a walk along the Thames path. There are plenty of areas to choose from, my two favourite walks with the children are the South Bank and Bankside as there are plenty of things to stop and look at.

What are your favourite things to do with your kids?

Just before Christmas we took a little trip to Hampton Court Palace. The girls absolutely love the mix of history and open space to run around and as well as exploring the vast palace we also had a good wander round the gardens, before exploring the tudor kitchens. As usual I took lots of pictures of our day.

I love taking pictures of all the little details round the palace which was home to Tudor, Stuart and Georgian monarchs, here are some of my favourites from the day…

Hampton Court Lion Statue

Hampton Court Jessica

Hampton Court GRII

Hampton Court Throne Crest

Hampton Court Tapestry Detail

Hampton Court Tapestry Detail 2

Hampton Court Painted Ceiling Detail

Hampton Court Mirror Detail

Hampton Court chandelier

Hampton Court Chandelier 2

Hampton Court Table Food

Hampton Court Orangery

Hampton Court Books

Hampton Court Doorway Statue

Hampton Court Flower Pot

Hampton Court Garden Statues

Hampton Court Garden

Hampton Court Garden Fleur de Lis

Hampton Court Padlock

Hampton Court Garden Statues

Hampton Court Statue 2

Hampton Court Window

Hampton Court ER

Hampton Court Carp

Hampton Court Fire

Hampton Court Kitchen Onions

Hampton Court Kitchen


I hope you enjoyed looking through our pictures. Hampton Court is the perfect day our for a family na both girls learnt a lot about the palace as well as getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. See what I wore in my outfit post from a few weeks ago.

Wallpaper inspired by Hampton Court Palace from Cole and Sons…

I have been having the most fantastic fun-filled half term with my girls. So far we’ve filled our days with loads of fun outings and definitely made the most of the unseasonal sunshine we were lucky enough to have at the beginning of the week. On Monday we popped to Hampton Court Palace in the afternoon and had a good run around the beautiful gardens.

I wore a skirt which has been lurking in my wardrobe unworn since I picked it up from a charity shop in the summer. At a bargain £4 I couldn’t leave it behind, but I managed to forget all about it until recently.

I wanted something casual and easy to wear and it was the perfect addition to a simple long sleeved top from Tesco. I dressed it up with a statement necklace that I got from Primark a few years ago. I finished the look with a messy bun and pink lipstick.

Hampton outfit 5

I love casual outfits like this, as they are so easy to wear and this one requires zero ironing, which is always a plus for me. It was sunny enough that I wore a fabulous pair of cat-eye sunglasses from Bow and Crossbones to make the outfit look a little more vintage.

Hampton Outfit 7

Hampton outfit 8

Hampton outfit 9

Apologies for being a little quiet on the blog front this past few weeks. We sadly lost my beloved Grandma at the end of September and I’ve just felt like spending time with family and not blogging too much. I’ve also been making the most of spending time with my babies. I have a lot of post lined up, so I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things very soon. xxx