One of the things that made me start writing this blog was my love of fashion history, I absolutely adore looking back at the past and seeing what people were wearing, what they wore it for and the social reasons behind fashions. One of my favourite things to do is to look through vintage magazines and admire the beautiful clothes. I definitely with I could just pop to a shop and buy some of the dresses I see advertised.

One of my favourite style icons of the 1950s is the Queen. We see her as an old lady now, but when she became Queen she was a woman in her early twenties with a young family. She must have been someone that young women of the time looked up to and admired, definitely a style icon of her time.

Picture Post 1954

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I recently acquired a whole stack of Picture Post magazines from the late 40s and early 50s. Having started to read through them I’ve noticed so many issues have features on the Queen and her choices of outfits. I thought it would be great to share some of her beautiful dresses on here as a little fashion inspiration for glamorous 1950s loving ladies.

The Queens Sunshine Wardrobe 1954

I found this particular article from an issue from February 1954, which features some of the dresses worn by the queen on her Royal Tour. I particularly like the yellow Horrockses dress, as this was also available off the peg, so anyone could have bought it.

The Queens Royal Tour 1954

The Queen 1950s dresses

How beautiful is the yellow and floral print on the Horrockses dress, I’d love to own one like this!

The Queen's Horrockses Dress Print

The Queen Yellow Horrockses Dress 1954

And something a little more glamorous for the evening…

The Queen Evening fashion 1954

The Hardie Amies and Norman Hartnell dresses about are simply beautiful! I also have another issue of the magazine which features some of the dresses which Norman Hartnell designed for the Coronation in 1953 which I will try and share with you soon.

What is your favourite dress from the ones above?

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