So we’re now well into November and I can’t quite believe how quickly this year has passed. A new month means another exciting delivery from Birchbox. Having had a few slightly disappointing boxes this year, I was quite happy with this months offering.

birchbox-november-2016-reviewThe box itself is another pretty one. With its lovely peacock design, this one is another collaboration with Tatler. As I’ve mentioned before I really like the drawer boxes, as they are great for storing away vintage treasures and most of my jewellery collection is housed in my empty Birchboxes.

birchbox-november-2016-contentsAlthough I generally like a good mix of products in my Birchbox, the products I welcome most are usually skincare. I’m a big skincare addict and I love trying out new products. some of my all time favourite skin saviours were originally discovered through Birchbox samples. My box had some fab skincare products and I really enjoyed giving them a go.


birchbox-november-2016-whats-insideThere was no bonus product in this months box, so there were only 5 items. However I rarely make much use of the extra product and I still think this box is pretty good value for money, with a great range. Here’s what I thought of all the products:

november-birchbox-lip-tar-primerFirst us was the Lip Tar Primer from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I absolutely love this brand and have used their Lip Tars in several different colours in the past. I don’t really like that they have named themselves after an illness though – not cool. This product is a fab addition to my make up bag. It’s great for keeping my lipstick looking good all day. It contains hemp and peppermint oil, which I’ve found has really stopped my lips feeling dry while wearing lipstick. The RRP for this product is £15.

birchbox-november-2016-marcelle-bb-creamAnother product that I really enjoyed using was the Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow. I’ve used this a few times when I’ve wanted a lighter make-up look without foundation. It really does even out your skin tone and gives a lovely fresh-faced glow. It’s a great product for worn out mums like me, who don’t get nearly enough sleep! The RRP for the full-sized product is £22.50

birchbox-november-2016-nuxe-creme-prodifieuseI am always so happy when I get a moisturiser in my Birchbox, as it stops me needing to buy a new one that month! The Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse, is a really lovely face cream. This really boosted my tired skin. It smells absolutely divine and glides onto the skin really smoothly. The product is light and easily absorbed, while still giving my skin plenty of hydration. I think I will have to purchase a full-sized version of this one, as I was very impressed. The RRP for the full-sized product is £21.

birchbox-november-2016-ecotools-brushI have quite a few brushes from Ecotools, infact I picked up their brow brush kit earlier this week and its amazing. I was really pleased to see the Precision Blush Brush in this months box, as I know it’s something I will use a lot. The brush is made with synthetic bristles and recycled materials, which I think is awesome. I really liked the tightly packed, very soft bristles which made blusher application really easy. This is definitely one I would recommend. This would usually cost £7.99, so not a high-end product, but I don’t mind because its fantastic quality.

birchbox-november-2016-darphin-lumiere-essentielleLastly I tried the Darphin Lumiere Essentielle Serum. This is another excellent hydrating skincare product. It smells lovely too. I liked this product and although it was lovely to use, I don’t think it boosted my skin enough to justify a repurchase. The full-sized product costs £55.

birchbox-november-contentsAll in all this was a really good box and I thought it was excellent value for the £10 plus postage which I pay each month.

If you’d like to receive a monthly Birchbox too, I have a refer a friend link which adds £5 worth of points to your account when you sign up. These can be used to buy full-sized products in the Birchbox shop.

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Another month has passed, and its time for another Birchbox review. Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box, packed with high-end surprise beauty products which arrive at your door once a month. I’ve been subscribed for a few years now and always love getting my surprise package through the post.

July 2016 Birchbox ReviewThis months lovely box was themed ‘Never Ending Summer’. The box itself was a really pretty one, I love using them to store bits and bobs in and if I can keep this one away from the kids long enough, I’m sure I will stash some pretty vintage treasures away in it!

May 2016 Birchbox ContentsMy first reaction to the box was a good one, I love it when the box has a good mix of products and this one really does have a bit of everything. There is a skincare product, a hair product, two make-up items and a nail polish. I was disappointed to see no Birchbox Bonus in this box. I like the little extra bits that you usually get in each box and I always use them, so this was the only downside of the box for me.

July BirchboxThe box also contains 3 full-sized products, so it was great value for money, especially since they are all really usable products that most people can use.

July Birchbox LOC x Millie Lip PencilThe first product in the box was the Loc x Millie Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil in the Shade Bohemian Rose. This lovely lip pencil is a collaboration with Millie Macintosh. The pencil has a high shine finish and the shade is a lovely feminine pink. This has a smooth lipstick consistency while looking like a gloss. I found this really easy to apply and was really pleased with the shade. I love the colour and will definitely be using this all the time as an everyday shade. This full-sized product would normally cost £9.

July Birchbox John Frieda Anti-Frizz PrimerNext up was the John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer. Since getting my hair cut back into a bob, I’ve been using lots of different products to keep my hair sleek and healthy looking. Having quite thick naturally wavy hair, products that keep the frizz at bay are always a welcome addition to my routine. This lovely primer has a light cream-like consistency. You apply it to wet hair and the smoothing effect is really good. I found it kept my hair frizz free without adding heaviness. I’m really happy with this product and will keep using it. This full-sized product usually costs £9.99.

July Birchbox Nails Inc Nail VarnishKeeping with the pink theme the next product in my box was a mini Nails inc. Nail Varnish in a lovely bright pink shade. I was really happy with the coverage of this product, which looks great after just two thin coats. The colour is perfect for me, as I love pink. The best bit is how quickly this one dries. I often find high-end nail varnishes take a while to dry, but this one was good to go in about a minute – great when you’re a busy mum. The little sample will last a while, so I’ll definitely get lots of use out of it. The full-sized version costs £15.

July Birchbox GA-DE Eyeshadow ReviewThe next product was the GA-DE Idyllic Soft Satin Mono Eyeshadow in the shade Natural. This is another product from the box which I absolutely love. This is the softest and easiest to apply eyeshadow I’ve tried in ages. It has a lovely fine silky consistency and can be applied with either fingers or an eyeshadow brush. It also contains vitamins C and E, which are really good for the skin. The neutral shade is also really handy for a natural everyday make-up look. This full-sized product would usually cost £10.50.

July Birchbox Thermaliv Lotion MicellaireThe last product was a very small sample of the Thermaliv Lotion Micellaire. I use Micellar water all the time to clean my skin and to remove my make-up if I’m in a rush. This particular one contains papyrus extract. Although this is a very good product and it smells lovely, I don’t like it as much as Bioderma or even the cheaper Garnier alternative, both of which I use a lot. I also found it left a slight residue, so despite being a non rinse product, I felt like washing the last traces off after use. The full-sized version of this costs £12.90.

All in all this was a very good box for me. Like I said above, I would have liked a bonus product but I still have loads of lovely new things, that I will be using a lot.

If you’d like to receive a monthly Birchbox too, I have a refer a friend link which adds £5 worth of points to your account when you sign up. These can be used to buy full-sized products in the Birchbox shop.

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November has absolutely flown by! It feels like we’ve just said goodbye to the summer and now winter is upon us! With another month comes another lovely Birchbox. Yet again I’m really happy with the contents of this fabulous beauty subscription box. I’ve now been subscribed for nearly two years and I’m always amazed by how many fantastic products I’ve got to try through the boxes.

November Skinny Dip BirchboxThis months box is another really pretty one. Since Birchbox started using pretty patterned boxes rather than the old brown ones, I’ve started using them to keep bits and bobs in. They’re great for organising make-up and jewellery. This month’s box is a collaboration with Skinny Dip and includes a discount voucher for the store.

November 2015 Birchbox Contents Review
So what did I think of this months products? I always like a box with a good mixture of skin, hair and make-up products. This was one of my first boxes which didn’t contain anything for my hair, but overall I was pretty impressed.

November Birchbox So Susan Featherlash Mascara Review
The first product was a full sized Mascara from So Susan. I’m not familiar with the brand so this was the first product I’d tried from them. The Featherlash Mascara is a nice subtle mascara in a perfect black shade. The effect is subtle and it really spreads the lashes for a naturally full look. Perfect for everyday make-up.

Birchbox So Susan Mascara

My only misgiving with the product is purely a matter of personal taste. I don’t really like mascaras with brush wands. I prefer plastic comb ones as I feel they suit my lashes batter. So although this a great product, its just not for me. The usual price for the mascara is £18.

November 2015 Birchbox Review Cowshed Cow Pat Hand CreamThe second full sized product in the box, was a rather wonderful hand-cream from Cowshed. In the colder months I definitely need a good hand-cream to carry around and keep my hands feeling happy. This one is lovely and moisturising without feeling sticky and it smells amazing.

November Birchbox Cowshed
I’m really happy with this product and it’s probably my favourite in the box. It has a real luxury feel to it and I’m definitely going to keep this in my handbag and use it everyday. The hand cream is available from £8.

November Birchbox Abolution La Créme de Teint
Another really useful product is the Absolution La Créme de Teint. This is a very faint tinted moisturiser which you apply over your moisturiser instead of foundation. I really like to let my skin breath so mid-week if I’m not going anywhere special I prefer to go very light on my make-up. This is perfect for brightening the complexion without a build up of heavy product and I absolutely love it. The full sized product costs £35.

November Birchbox Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner
I’ve used a few Lord and Berry products before and always been quite happy with them. The Silhouette Neutral Lipliner is a very handy little product. It works in the same way as a coloured lipliner, ensuring a neat finish without any bleeding. However being clear you can use it with any colour lipstick and it’s super subtle. I haven’t had a chance to test it properly, but I think its a great idea and very useful. The full sized liner costs £9.

Nove,ber Birchbox Delarom Créme Acquaconfort
Another great skincare product from this months box is the Delaron Créme Acquaconfort. This is a lovely cream with lots of natural oils to comfort skin that needs a little TLC.

Delarom Créme Acquaconfort
It’s a lovely cream and I love the scent and the great list of ingredients, however I prefer slightly heavier face creams so although it’s clearly a very product this one isn’t something I’d buy again. The full sized product is £34.

The last product in box somehow passed me by when I was taking my pictures, sorry! I’ve tried quite a few English Laundry perfumes through birch box and I’m always really pleased with their old fashioned classic fragrances. On this occasion i tried the Notting hill Femme Eau de Parfum. I love spicy winter scents and this one, which is a feminine take on their classic men’s fragrance is perfect for me. The full sized perfume costs £60.

Birchbox Skinny Dip
I really loved this box. it was great to have a box full of high end and luxury products, which is one of the things that first attracted me to try Birchbox. I really feel they’ve upped their game in recent months and I’ve not been disappointed for a while.

See how this box compares to last year’s November Birchbox.

If you’d like to receive a monthly Birchbox too, I have a refer a friend link with add £5 worth of points to your account. These can be used to buy full sized products in the Birchbox shop.