chlo-bo-labradorite-sparkle-flower-heart-braceletAs you may know my jewellery collection is a pretty big one. I love accessorising all my outfits with pretty pieces and I’m always on the lookout for lovely things to wear with my clothes. I was recently given the opportunity to review something from the ChloBo website. They sell a gorgeous range of stackable pieces of jewellery, which are perfect for mixing and matching.

chlo-bo-labradorite-sparkle-flower-heart-bracelet-reviewI chose this lovely rose and labradorite stretching bracelet, with a cute little heart charm. I thought it would go nicely with some of my pastel coloured floral dresses as well as brightening up simple casual looks. 

chlobo-labradorite-sparkle-flower-heart-braceletThe bracelet is really delicate and simple and I love the pretty stones and rose gold beads, the little details are so lovely. It is made with high quality Sterling silver and coated with rose gold.

chlo-bo-labradorite-sparkle-flower-heart-bracelet-close-upChloBo jewellery is made in the UK, which is always a big selling point for me as I’m passionate about supporting British companies. The range is inspired by freedom and travel, with different global influences.

chlobo-rose-gold-heart-braceletI really like the boho feel and the fact that you can build up a collection of jewellery and build different stacks.  You could go really heavy and wear loads, or just keep it simple with one. 

chlobo-rose-gold-heart-bracelet-reviewAll the charms have different meanings, so for example with my bracelet the Labradorite is the semi-precious stone of spiritual awakening. When held, it is believed to have calming and healing powers. The heart is worn as a symbol of love.

chlobo-rose-gold-and-labradorite-heart-braceletI was really pleased with the quality of the bracelet, which came in a sturdy presentation box. I think it would make a wonderful gift for a special occasion. In the same way that you would add to a charm bracelet, you could keep adding new bracelets to the stack over time. ChloBo also have a wide range of necklaces, rings and earrings to compliment the bracelets.

Check out the full range on the ChloBo website.

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Like a lot of women, I dream of one day owning a few beautiful designer pieces in my wardrobe. The kind of classic items that last a lifetime and are real investment pieces. Since I was very young I have dreamed of owning a Chanel handbag and more recently I’ve been longing for an Hermes scarf. The only way I could ever afford something from my holy grail fashion list would be to buy it second hand. I recently discovered Rebelle, a website which specialises in selling the creme de la creme of designer fashion second hand and I can’t stop looking through the website looking at some of my dream items.

If I was going to buy something it would have to be one of those classic items that never goes out of style. I always think accessories are the best place to start when buying something designer. I’ve often invested much larger sums of money on things like handbags shoes and sunglasses because I know they are things that I will use a lot all year round and that I will keep potentially for years.

I thought it would be fun to pick some of my favourite items from the Rebelle website to compile a little list of my dream items that one day I would love to own.

First up would have to be this Chanel 2.55 Bag in black lambskin leather. It is the perfect bag, completely timeless and a total luxury item. These bags have come out in lots of colours and styles but I think a classic black one would go with most outfits and would be an item that you’d treasure forever. It’s always been top of my designer want list ever since I had a crazy obsession with all things Chanel when I was about 15!

Chanel 2.55 Black Handbag

My next item would have to be a vintage Hermes scarf, again because it is the perfect luxury item. I love all the designs and colours, to me they are more like wearable art than just accessories. Rebelle has a huge range and it would be hard to choose a favourite. But I love this design with bikes on because it makes me think of my dad who is bike crazy!

Hermes Bicycle Scarf

Another item I have craved for a long time is a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes, I’m of the generation of women who watched Sex and The City every week and longed for Sarah Jessica Parkers vintage wardrobe and Blahnik shoes. I was instantly drawn to this fabulous pair which are so bright and fun while still being very feminine and elegant.

Red and White Striped Manolo Blahnik Shoes

One designer item that most people can afford to splash out on would be a pair of designer sunglasses. I love this pair of big Marc Jacobs sunglasses which remind me of Audrey Hepburn. I love a big pair of sunglasses to hide behind when I’m tired and can’t be bothered to put any make-up on. These are so glamorous and would complete most summer outfits perfectly.

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

If I could choose any piece of jewellery it would be a Chanel charm bracelet. I’ve always loved how over the top they are and I love how Chanel items have no shame in being a little bit tacky! I used to pop into the Chanel shop a lot when I worked just near Bond Street and always wanted one of these.

I’ve picked out accessories as they are the first thing I would go for. The website also features a huge selection of designer clothing. If you could buy that one special designer item what would you choose?
View the full range on the Rebelle website