When we moved into our house 3 years ago we were delighted to have an absolutely huge garden. We instantly made big plans for what we wanted to do with it. After doing a full house renovation and clearing all the overgrown mess and rubbish out of the garden, we kind of left it at that and still haven’t done a lot with it. This year I decided it was time to get to work and while Rob had been doing the manual stuff I’ve been planning flower beds and picking up seeds that will eventually be beautiful flowers adorning our garden.

Before the seeds can be planted outdoors I’ve been growing them inside and to save money and plastic I made my own little seed pots from newspaper to grow them in. The advantage of these little pots is that they can be planted straight into the ground when the seedlings are ready and will biodegrade naturally. I thought I’d show you how I make them. For those of you who like me, aren’t green figured at all this is the perfect way to get started on a little gardening whether your growing flowers or creating a little vegetable patch.

How to Make Newspaper Seed Pots
You will need: Newspaper, scissors, garden twine, an aerosol can, a seed tray, plant labels or lolly sticks, compost, seeds

Newspaper seed pots
Step One: Take a sheet from the middle of your newspaper and divide into four pieces. Fold each piece in half.

How to make seed pots
Step Two: Wrap your folded newspaper round the aerosol can, leaving a gap at the bottom.

Newspaper Seed Pot Tutorial
Step Three: Push the loose ends down, they should stay in place.

How to make newspaper pots for seeds
Step Four: Tie a piece of garden twine round the newspaper and slide it off the can.

Seed Pots
Step Five: Fill your pot with compost and add your seeds according to the instructions on the packet.

Newspaper Seed Pots and labels
Step Six: Add a label or lolly stick so you know what you have planted in the pot.

Wooden Seed Trey and Newspaper Seed Pots
Step Seven: Place your newspaper seed pots into your seed tray. For best results place a propagator lid over the pots or cover with polythene and leave in a warm sunny place. Water them regularly and within a couple or weeks your seedlings should appear. Once they are big enough you can pop the whole thing into the ground and enjoy your beautiful plants.

I got everything I needed for the project from the wonderful new National Trust garden centre at Morden Hall Park. the lovely wooden seed tray was only £4.00 for a set containing one large and two small trays which I thought was fantatstic and a great alternative to plastic ones.

If all goes well I’ll be updating you on the progress of both my seeds and garden in a few weeks. Have any of you done any gardening recently?

Next Summer 15 Press Day Seating Area

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Ham Yard Hotel in London for the Next summer 2015 press event. I always enjoy going to press previews and getting to see what will be coming into shops a few months in advance, it a definite park of being a blogger and I love getting to meet fellow bloggers too.

I remember when I moved into my very first rented house that wasn’t shared with anyone else, I was 20 at the time and was just about to have Jessica. I moved in armed with my trusty Next directory and ordered lot’s of lovely little bits and pieces for my new home. As the house was rented I couldn’t paint the walls or put much of my own furniture in, but for lovely little accessories that made the house feel like my home I turned to Next. A few years on when we bought our own house I also turned to next for our wallpaper and so Next has found it’s way into my home and my memories of transforming a blank canvas into a happy place.

Being a big fan of Next’s home ranges I thought it only right to dedicate a whole post on the blog to the home collection and my favourite pieces from the press day.

This summer’s interiors are influenced by far away shores, with ranges including Exotic Garden, Country Cottage and Yacht Club. As well as the muted shabby chic tones I usually go for there was also plenty of bright pop of colour and a definite tropical feel. I especially loved all their garden offerings, especially as I have big plans for my own outdoor space this year.

Next Flower Pot Basket and Lights

Next Summer 15 Press Day Basket Jug Flower Pot

Next Summer 15 Press Day Bird B&B BirdhouseA Lovely place for birds to stay.

Next Summer 15 Press Day Cat Garden Decoration

Next Summer 15 Press Day Citrus Zest Candles

Next Summer 15 Press Day Garden Statue and Clock

Next Summer 15 Press Day Gardeners Know the Best Dirt Sign

Next Summer 15 Press Day Glass Jars with Garden Twine

Next Summer 15 Press Day LightbulbsI adore these light bulb fairy lights, I want to put them everywhere!

Next Summer 15 Press Day Rabbit Garden Statue

Next Summer 15 Press Day Teapot Bird FeederI love this pretty teapot bird feeder.

Next Summer 15 Press Day Wire Garden Sign

Next Summer 15 Coloured Glasses

Next Summer 15 Press day Candles

Next Summer 15 Press Day Colourful Bulb Lights

Next Summer 15 Press Day Pineapple Ice BucketThis pineapple ice bucket is the perfect modern take on a mid-century classic.

Next Summer 15 Press Day Pink Vases and Embroidered Bird Cushion

Next Summer 15 Press Day Birds

Next Home Summer 15 Press Day Blue Flowers and Cushion

Next Home Summer 15 Press Day Blue Glass Bottles

Next Home Summer 15 Press Day HOME letters

Next Home Summer 15 Press Day Blue Cushion and Wallpaper

Next Summer 15 Press Day Home is Wherever  I am With You Cushion

Next Home Summer 15 Press Day Wall Mounted Birds

Next Home Summer 15 Press Day Red and Blue Nautical Homewares

Have you spotted anything you’ll be adding to your wishlist for the summer? For those of you who love fashion and accessories I’ll be sharing my favourites from the press day in a post next week so watch this space.

I have a confession to make about this outfit post, the pictures were taken all the way back in June. I was looking through my photos and had forgotten all about these. I got Rob to take a few pictures of me as I needed one to include with my interview for Period Living Magazine. It seemed a shame not to use them on here.

Shirt Dress 1

The dress is one I bought last year at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair for about £40. I absolutely love it, but don’t wear it that often as it takes forever to iron. There’s a lot of fabric there and I hate ironing! It is the perfect shirt waister dress though and reminds me of Betty Draper’s dresses in the first series of Madmen.

50s, 1950s, Shirt Dress, Shirt-waister,  Judy's Vintage Fair

The pictures were taken in my garden, which is absolutely huge but totally out of control! We absolutely loved it when we moved here and it was one of the things that made us choose the house. However as neither of us is very green fingered we’re fighting a constant battle to stop it becoming a wilderness!

Shirt Dress 2

The bench in the top picture, used to be a bench in Battersea Park. I bought it last year and the previous owner told me where it was from. I love having old things which tell a story and like to think of all the people who enjoyed sitting on it when it lived in one of my favourite parks.

Shirt Dress 3

My sandals are from Primark, and I wore them so much this summer that they eventually fell apart! They were so comfortable!

My bangles are from various car boot sales and charity shops. They are all plastic apart from one of the black ones which was a lucky bakelite find and cost a mere 50p from a charity shop in Sutton.

I’m wearing a full petticoat under the dress for these pictures. I don’t usually wear one under my circle dresses as I find them really annoying, but I do love how pretty 50s dresses look with one.

This week I have been ridiculously busy. On Sunday it’s my little girls christening followed by a big garden party at our house. We planned this a few months ago knowing we had loads of time to finish the house and get everything sorted. As with all my grand plans it has come round rather quickly and the last week has been more than a little crazy.

We only moved into the house 6 months ago and have been completing the renovation since we moved. The house is now near on perfect, however the garden was a huge mess and it’s taken a lot of effort to make it presentable.

My lovely husband is a handy sort and has built some beautiful picnic benches from scratch and painted them! Here they are in progress…

And here they are finished…

I’ll add some more photos once the rest of the garden is sorted. It’s still a work in progress here!

Meanwhile I’ve been cleaning and planning like mad and it’s all starting to come together! I am now in search of some last-minute bunting to decorate the three gazebos that we’ve put up and I’d like to make some pretty centre pieces for the tables.

Then it’s back to last-minute preparations for my next vintage fair which is now only a week away! After that I plan to do nothing but rest and read for at least a month!