Lindy Bop Maybelle Mustard Dress and Jacket Review
I love it when a reproduction or vintage style item, looks like it could be an original. I really feel that way about the Lindy Bop Maybelle jacket and dress sets. They really do pay… View Post

Dress of the Day #13 Mad Men Special
I haven’t done a dress of the day post in a little while, partly because I’ve been working on other things for the blog including a regular weekly beauty post which will be coming soon… View Post

Dear Santa Please May I Have a Mad Men Barbie
I’m an ridiculously obsessed with Mad Men at the moment, it’s crazy that I’d never watched it sooner. Today I stumbled upon these… MAD MEN BARBIES!!! My one complaint about the Mad Men Barbie collection… View Post

Television Tuesday – Mad Men
This week I have been mostly watching Mad Men. I can’t believe I haven’t watched it before. It’s one of those things I’ve been meaning to watch forever. It has everything I love, early 1960s… View Post