Spooky Halloween Meringue Kisses of Death!
With Halloween just a few days away, things are getting decidedly creepy in my house. Pumpkins have appeared and baking plans have begun. To be honest I’ll take any excuse to bake and get crafty!… View Full Post View Post

Traditional Rock Cakes from a 1930s Recipe
Rock cakes are another teatime classic, which I love. These are ideal for a beginner baker and taste a little like mini scones. These can be rustled up in no time at all and are… View Full Post View Post

Raspberry Blancmange Recipe
Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, that was certainly the case when I gave blancmange a go. Blancmange has always been one of my favourite deserts, it always reminds me of being little. I… View Full Post View Post

30s Recipe Cards and 50s Cookie Cutters!
I posted last week about my trip to The Classic Car Boot Sale. I didn’t buy much while I was there, but I wanted to share two of my purchases that I absolutely love. I… View Full Post View Post

Baking Eccles Cakes from a 1950s Recipe
Over the last few weeks I’ve tried a few recipes from my 1954 copy of Women’s Journal. I found them in an article about traditionally English recipes and I just had to give them all… View Full Post View Post

Teddy Bread
Recently my six year old daughter and I compiled a list of fun things to do together, simple things like baking cakes, going rockpooling, making clothes for her teddies, and other fun stuff. One random thing on her… View Full Post View Post