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Baking Vintage

30s Recipe Cards and 50s Cookie Cutters!

October 1, 2014

I posted last week about my trip to The Classic Car Boot Sale. I didn’t buy much while I was there, but I wanted to share two of my purchases that I absolutely love. I really enjoy picking up vintage kitchen items, not only do they look amazing I also really appreciate the social history they represent. Being a huge fan of baking, anything vintage baking related always catches my eye. So when I spotted a fabulous stall packed to the brim with kitchenalia I just couldn’t resist taking something home. Here are a few pictures of the stall, which was run by two lovely gentlemen with exactly the same taste as me. I didn’t catch their names sadly!

Classic Car Boot 12 Classic Car Boot 13

They had such amazing things. I have a huge collection of vintage aprons and although I loved the great selection they had on offer, you have to stop somewhere. So I reluctantly passed on them but I did get two really lovely things. Firstly a selection of 1950s Tala cookie cutters which are the same era and design as my icing set. These had to come home with me as they will look amazing next to each other on my kitchen dresser. I also picked up a box of 1930s recipe cards by Elizabeth Craig.

50s Kitchen

I absolutely adore the box that the cookie cutters came in. I wish packaging still looked like this. The box is a little damaged but I think this makes it look even more charming. Inside the cutters are shaped like various animals. I think they are slightly too worn to use but I love them anyway and they’ll look great in baking photos.

50s Kitchen 6

Inside the box there are a few biscuit recipes, which I will definitely be making. I’d love to do more vintage baking recipes on the blog and some biscuits will definitely be included.

50s Kitchen 5 50s Kitchen 4

The recipe cards are absolutely perfect for me. There are so many there, although I’m especially keen to try all the baking recipes I’d definitely like to have a go at a few of the meals too. I did my research and found out this particular set of cards was printed in 1937.

50s Kitchen 8 50s Kitchen 7

The seller could see how much I loved both items and gave them both to me for £10, which is a fantastic price. The recipe cards especially are something I plan to use a lot. To protect the box which is very fragile I will probably make copies of the recipes, I will of course also be sharing lot’s of them on here.50s kitchen 2


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