I use lots of different methods to create my vintage inspired hair styles. From heated rollers and curling tongs to pin curls and wet roller sets. I really enjoy experimenting with different tools to create that perfect vintage look. When I was recently invited to have my hair styled using Curlformers, I couldn’t wait to see how they worked.

Copyright © Tiffany Lin - www.tiffanylinphotography.com

Copyright © Tiffany Lin – www.tiffanylinphotography.com

I’d seen lots of videos and demonstrations online of these easy to use curlers, that appear to do all the hard work for you. My hair was styled at Taylor Taylor, a lovely hair salon on Portobello Road. Not only was I treated to hair styling, but also a lovely glass of bubbly and a manicure. It was definitely a much needed pamper session!

curlformers-1My hair is always quite tricky to curl, as there is just so much of it! It usually takes me around an hour to curl it. Anything that speeds up the process or makes it simpler is always good in my eyes! The idea behind Curlformers, is that they do the hard work for you. All you have to do is take a section of hair, and use the handy tool to pull the hair through the Curlformer. This then coils itself us and you just leave it to work its magic. You can then just pull off the Curlformer, leaving you with even, perfectly formed curls.

Copyright © Tiffany Lin - www.tiffanylinphotography.com

Copyright © Tiffany Lin – www.tiffanylinphotography.com

The Curlformers can be left in overnight or used with a dryer. Because they are made of mesh it is really easy to dry damp hair while it is inside the Curlformer.

Copyright © Tiffany Lin - www.tiffanylinphotography.com

Copyright © Tiffany Lin – www.tiffanylinphotography.com

Obviously I was having my hair done by a stylist, so it was really quick to get all my hair in. My hair was slightly dampened and sprayed with a little product and the curls went in, in no time. After ten minutes sitting under a hood dryer, they were ready to come out and the results were great. Even the next day after the curls had fallen a bit, my hair still had loads of volume and looked great.

Having given them a go at home on my own, they are definitely very easy to use. I got my whole head done in about 30 minutes, if you have less hair then me it would take a lot less time. I also think, as I get used to using them it will speed up a bit.

I would definitely recommend these, as a really easy was to create curls. They come in several different sizes, so suit your requirements.I’m planning to do a tutorial posts on using these very soon and also talking about brushing out the curls into a sleek vintage look.

See the full range of  products on the Curlformers website.

Vintage Cosmetic Company Hairbrush 1

Before christmas I was invited to the launch of The Vintage Cosmetic Companies new blow dry bar in London, which I wrote about last week. When I was there I was kindly given a goodie bag containing a hairbrush and some hair clips. I liked them so much I decided to write a review of them.

Vintage Cosmetic Company Hairbrush 4

First up is the oval paddle brush, one of three brushes offered by the company. It’s a really useful tool for anyone who likes doing vintage styles on their hair. It works really well for brushing out a curly vintage set as well as being perfect for smoothing out a backcombed beehive or just giving your hair a really good brush.

I’m always on the lookout for new brushes, mainly because my two daughters keep “borrowing” mine so I’m always buying new ones! This one has been hidden away as I intend to be using it for a really long time! In my search for good brushes I’ve not come across many bristle brushes so I was so happy to try a new one.

Vintage Cosmetic Company Hairbrush 3

The brush features nylon and boar bristle and is perfect for smoothing the hair’s cuticles, leaving it looking sleek, healthy and glossy. I’ve been using it to brush out my hair every evening before bed and my hair has been looking really healthy. I’ve also used it to brush out a set after using rollers and it worked really well in coaxing my curls into the desired style. They recommend the brush for blow drying as well with a few tips available on their website. I usually let my hair dry naturally so I’ve not tried using it with heat yet.

The brush also makes a great de-tangler so if you’ve been caught in a winter storm and your hair need a little tlc, then this brush is the answer, it really gently unknots and sleekness even the most stubborn tangles, even on my really thick hair. Happy hair days all round in my house!

The quality of the brush was fantastic and the price of £14.50 seems pretty reasonable for a really good product. The packaging is really pretty and girlie and always makes me fall in love with their lovely products even more. This would make an amazing gift for a vintage loving lady.

Vintage Cosmetic Company Hairbrush 4

I was also gifted these pretty little hair clips are the perfect finishing touch to a hair style. I wore mine a few days ago with a half up half down hair style and with a little help from my good friend hair spray it stayed put all day. These plastic clips have a pretty floral design printed on them, they are part of a collection of lovely hair accessories available from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. I was really happy with these and will definitely be using them a lot.

Vintage Cosmetic Company Hairbrush 2

Have you tried any products from The Vintage Cosmetic Company? What did you think?

Find out more on The Vintage Cosmetic Company website. 

Vintage Cosmetic Company Blod Dry Bar 1

Just before christmas I was invited to the launch of The Vintage Cosmetics Company‘s new venture. I have been a fan of the company since they launched their very first products, a range of vintage inspired false eye lashes. Since then the Essex bases company has gone from strength to strength, launching a really fantastic range of make-up brushes as well as a big selection of other beauty essentials. I love pretty girlie floral prints, so one of the things I really love about the companies products is all the pretty floral packaging.

Vintage cosmetic Company Blow Dry Bar 12

Vintage Cosmetic Company Blow Dry Bar 11

Vintage Cosmetic Company Blow Dry Bar 3

Vintage Cosmetic Company Blow Dry Bar 4

Vintage cosmetic Company Blow Dry Bar 9

Vintage Cosmetic Company Blow Dry Bar 7

I am so excited about their pretty new blow dry salon which sits a stones throw from Covent Garden in London. The little salon offers a selection of blow dries and up-dos. Talking to the lovely staff I learned that they are also planning to offer events and hen parties on site which I think would make a perfect evening for vintage loving girls.

While I sipped on tea from some gorgeous vintage china I had a look around the pretty salon which features gorgeous floral wallpaper, vintage hairdryers for decoration and gorgeous displays of the beautiful beauty tools on sale. I want absolutely everything especially the bristle hairbrushes which look perfect for brushing out curly vintage sets.

Vintage Cosmetic Company 8

Vintage Cosmetic Company Blow Dry Bar 13

I’d definitely like to pop in and get my hair done before a night out in London and the central location makes it super handy, even more so if you work in London.

I didn’t have time to get my hair done on this visit, but I will be popping back with some friends as soon as possible to get pampered. In the meantime I was kindly gifted some hair clips and an amazing hair brush to try at home, look out for a review really soon.

Vintage Cosmetic Company Blow Dry Salon 10

Vintage Cosmetic Company Blow Dry Bar 14

Vintage Cosmetic Company Blow Dry Bar 8

If you’d like to check out the blow dry bar you can find it at 166 High Holborn, WC1V 6PB.

To book an appointment call 07850 037621

Visit The Vintage Cosmetic Company Website.

I’ve been admiring Le Keux Vintage Salon from afar for quite some time. This beautiful salon based in Birmingham is the stuff of retro fantasy and is just the place I imagine a vintage Barbie going to get her hair done! While I was in Birmingham this weekend I arranged a fleeting visit to have a look around and take some pictures as well as meet the lovely ladies behind this gorgeous business.

I was not disappointed! The salon is so girlie and pretty with retro charm bursting from every corner. The colour palette is exactly the same colours as my bedroom pastel pink and blue and the checker board floor reminds me of the perfect fifties kitchen. Most of the interior is filled with real retro furniture and cute vintage accessories, transporting you instantly to times gone by.

The little row of hood dryers which are so synonymous with salons of of the past sit alongside mirrors lined with lights, it’s all so pretty and charming. I just wish I’d had time to stop for longer and get pampered in these gorgeous surroundings myself! I’ll definitely be booking myself in next time I’m in Birmingham.

The salon offers so much more than just hair and beauty treatments. Their make overs range from the decadent twenties to the forties pin-up to the fabulous beehives of the sixties. They also offer beautiful photo shoots taken in their beautiful sets within the salon, as well as some fabulous party and hen packages. These include afternoon tea, cocktail masterclasses, burlesque classes and more. If you really want to take something away from your visit then their make-up classes are also a great option. I’m definitely thinking a trip to the salon is on the cards for my next birthday!

And the men aren’t left out either, a few doors down is the very classy Le Keux Vintage Barbers, offering retro mens styling and cut throat shaves as well as a great selection of stag packages, perfect for gentlemen, rockabillies, and dandies alike. Stag packages include poker lessons, vinyl DJ workshops and cigar connoisseur classes amongst others.

The two Birmingham sites are located within the rather fabulous Custard Factory a gorgeous site in Birmingham which is also stuffed with beautiful vintage shops selling some really high quality mid-century pieces so once your done being pampered make sure you check these out too.

The most exciting thing of all is that this weekend Le Keux will be opening their second location in Leeds, which will have all the same wonderful offerings as Birmingham with lot’s of new photo shoot set ups. They are also offering lots of fantastic opening discounts. So if you’re a Leeds based lady or gent make sure you get yourself down this weekend and get yourself treated at bargain prices.

Le Keux

If you can’t get to one of the salons but would still like to try a package they also offer a countrywide at home service.

Le Keux have also recently launched their own range of make-up and brushes, I have my eye on their gel eyeliner which looks absolutely gorgeous. I want it all for the packaging alone which is so pretty it would have to take pride of place on a vintage dressing table.

You can find the Birmingham salon at –

UG02, Zellig Building, Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Birmingham B9 4AA

Tel. 0121 224 7377

And the Leeds Salon at –

24b Lands Lane, 2nd Floor (above Cath Kidston), Leeds LS1 6LB

Visit Le Kaux’s Websites:

Le Keux Vintage Salon

Le Keux Vintage Barbers

Le Keux Cosmetics

Le Keux Events

Have you ever visited The Vintage Salon? I’d love to know what you thought.


I have really long thick hair, mainly because I never have time these days to get it cut. I am however planning to get it cut much shorter this week. I’m thinking a little shorter than shoulder length, which means a lot of vintage styles that I’ve not been able to do for a while will now be possible. I’m planning to do a few hair posts in the future but firstly it’s always worth making sure you have all the equipment you need.

Here’s my list of vintage hair essentials and to make it easy they all come from Superdrug so you can pick them all up in one go, although most of these things can be bought in any chemist.

1. Kirby Grips 2. Pin Curl Clips 3. Sectioning Clips 4. Curling Tongs 5. Hair Dryer 6. Bristle Brush 7. Pintail Comb 8. Comb 9. Backcombing Brush (This is the only thing they didn’t sell in Superdrug, this one is from Amazon) 10. Rollers 11. Hairspray 12. Setting Lotion 13. Hairnet


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