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Vintage Frills Beauty – John Frieda Defined Curls Styling Tong

November 8, 2012

For most classic vintage looks curls are an essential. Look to any old hollywood style siren and you will see various glamorous curls. I have very long hair so it’s often very hard to curl, I usually wear it wavy or straight and give it a vintage look with a pincurl, victory rolls or quiff at the front.

I was recently sent these John Frieda curling tongs to try.

Here’s what they say…

“Following the launch of their first ever range of high performance hair appliances in 2011, the John Frieda® hair care professionals have used their expertise to deliver two new salon inspired styling tools.

Defining style and breaking boundaries for over 20 years, the experts at John Frieda® know that frizz is a major concern for their clients. With this in mind the John Frieda® electrical haircare range has a super strength ionic system specifically designed to control frizz. It works by releasing a stream of ions to surround and condition each individual strand of hair, neutralising static and beautifully smoothing the outer layer of the hair cuticle. Glamorous, flawless, salon-quality hair at home has never been easier.

For perfectly formed curls, the John Frieda Defined Curls Styling Tong is your secret weapon. With advanced ionic technology to tame frizz and 11 digital heat settings up to a maximum temperature of 205°C, the 19mm titanium-ceramic barrel easily creates soft, defined glossy curls.”

I was very impressed with these tongs I needed the extra temperature to get through my long thick hair, and I found I could achieve pretty good results. The tongs heated up to the full 205°C in under 30 seconds so I was ready to get styling straight away. I have used them a few times to achieve a soft curled style and although time consuming with so much hair I was very happy with the results. The style lasted well with the help of a little hairspray. If I had shorter hair I am sure I could achieve a variety of styles with these.

They retail at £30 which I think is about right given the quality. They have a very long wire so it is easy to get comfortable and move around while curling. There is also a heat proof mat included to prevent any scorched furniture.

I will definitely be using these again especially when my hairs a little shorter and I can achieve a bit more with them.

I’d reccomend these as they are very hot and quick to use.

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