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The Royal Ballet – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

April 18, 2012

This week I had a lovely trip to the Royal Opera House in Covent garden to see this new ballet performed by the Royal Ballet. I go to the ballet a lot and it’s always nice to see a new ballet, as I have seen a lot of the classic ones a few times. I must say it was every bit as good as the old favourites.

Written for the fabulous Lauren Cuthbertson who took the lead role, this really was every bit as good as expected. As usual the Royal Opera House’s huge stage was decorated with the most amazing scenery. This has to be my favourite part about going there. My favourite bit of scenery was a giant needlepoint picture of a cottage which actually opened up, everything was very creative.┬áThe music written by Joby Talbot and conducted by Barry Wordsworth was perfect, and performed to perfection by the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. The costumes were a pleasant mixture of traditional and modern my favourites being the queen of hearts and the flamingoes.

The choreography by Christopher Wheeldon was inspired, and included a fabulous bit of tap dancing during the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

I’d recommend this ballet to anyone who usually gets bored watching 2 of ballet, as the story was not distracted by the dancing and the mixture of drama and humour were well-balanced.

If you didn’t get the chance to see this one live, look out for it being shown at your local cinema as well as on the Sky Arts channel who often show Royal Opera House performances.

Here’s a little back stage preview:

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