If you’ve been reading a while, you’ll know I’m a bit obsessed with the Disney and Cath Kidston collaborations. I’ve been collecting the dresses since the first Winnie the Pooh one came out last year. Before each new collaboration is announced I get really over excited and try to guess which it will be. So far we’ve had Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, 101 Dalmatians and now Peter Pan. I’m already guessing what will be next, here’s hoping for Lady and The Tramp or Aristocats one day!

The Peter Pan collection launches next Thursday and Cath Kidston have just released their preview, so you can see everything that will be coming in. Realistically I can only choose a couple of things, but I thought I’d put together a Wishlist of all the stuff I love from the collection anyway.

Fashion: I’m starting with the most important one here! This is probably my favourite fashion range yet, I love the longer length on the dresses and the shirt dress is absolutely perfect for this time of year.

Cath kinston Disney Peter Pan Collection

Tea Time: I am completely and utterly addicted to buying nice tea sets and pretty things for my kitchen. The Tinker Bell Posy print, is absolutely perfect for me and I really love the range which includes a tea cup and saucer, cereal bowl and mug. I also really like the apron, perfect for a spot of baking. I also like to take a hot drink out with me, so the travel cup would be super handy.

Cath kinston Disney Peter Pan Range

Accessories: Being Cath Kidston, there are obviously a lot of nice bags and accessories, including some cute make-up bags. It was hard to choose my Wishlist, but for me the tote bag would be really useful as it’s big enough to carry all my things. I always need nice notebooks, as I never stop writing lists and blogging ideas. I also just love the pom pom keyring and phone cover.

Cath kinston Disney Peter Pan Collection

Take a look at the preview and let me know what you’ve got your eye on from the collection. I’d also love to hear people guesses for what the next collection will be.

Find out all the details of the launch and how to shop here.

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It’s time for the next instalment of my Blogging Tips series. This time I’m talking about blogging equipment and the tools I use to do my job.

Really all you need when you start out blogging is something to write your posts on and something to take pictures on. When I started out out I had an old laptop and a camera phone. As time went on I have definitely gained a fair amount more blogging equipment. This post is all about the things I use, you by no means need all of it, these are just a few things that help me create my content.

Blogging Tips - Useful Blogging EquipmentLaptop – I use a MacBook Pro to write on, I love how portable it is and lots of my work happens while I’m on the go. I am one of those people who can be spotted in a coffee shop typing away! A lap top really is the most essential bit of blogging equipment.

Camera – My main camera for blogging is a Nikon 5200, this fab SLR is perfect for blog photography. I have a selection of difference lenses that I use for different types of photos.

Camera Remote – A really useful tool, if you’re going to be taking pictures of yourself. A self timer remote, takes the stress out of taking your own pictures.

Blogging Tips - Useful Blogging EquipmentPhone – I have an iPhone 7. Since getting this phone, I’ve taken a lot more blog photos on it as the camera is amazing. Most of my Week in Pictures posts are now taken using my iPhone rather than my big camera. I’m loving the extra space in my bag!

Notebooks – I am forever buying pretty new notebooks and filling them with to do lists and ideas. Blogging may be an online things, but good stationary is a big part of what we do.

Chargers – When you’re constantly taking pictures or checking social media, a portable charger is essential. I  never go anywhere without one. Check out the Tylt charger for an easy solution.

A big bag – I’d love to travel around with a tiny bag, but as I always have notebooks, cameras and chargers in tow, a big bag is a blogging essential.

Lighting – Good lighting is so important for taking good blog photos, I try to use natural daylight, but I also have a pair or soft box lights to help.

Blogging Tips - Useful Blogging EquipmentProps – I’m always on the lookout for new probs for my photographs. I pick up little treasures at charity shops and car boots to include in my photos. I also have a big selections of backgrounds. My favourite photo prop is definitely a bunch of fresh flowers though.

This post has kindly been sponsored by Tylt. They have a fantastic range of charging solutions, perfect for bloggers and those who work on the go. Their range includes power cases, portable chargers and wireless chargers.

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There are many things I love in life, those little luxuries that never fail to make me smile. Very high on my list of favourite things are tea sets, cake, history and visiting beautiful places. This probably explains why I love all things National Trust so much! Whenever I visit a National Trust property I always have a good look round the gift shop. The girls will often get a little treat and I sometimes pick up something nice for myself.

The National Trust shop have a team of in-house designers. They create beautiful prints inspired by the many beautiful places in the Trusts care. One of my favourite recent ones, was inspired by West Wittering. My grandparents had a beach hut there when I was little and the print brought back fond memories.

The latest addition to their lovely range of designs is Bohemian Circles, inspired by the Bloomsbury Group and Virginia Woolf’s former home Monk’s House, which is in the care of the Nation Trust today.

Here’s a little back ground on the Bloomsbury set:

The Bloomsbury Group were a circle of friends, writers and artists who created new ideas for art and literature. They lived in the Bloomsbury area of London, and met, lived and loved together from 1904 until the 1930s. They believed creativity and beauty were central to life and they created and enjoyed vibrant and radical art.

You may have heard of their names as their influence is still important a century later. Roger Fry inspired them to embrace modern art, and when now famous artists such as Cézanne and Gauguin were hardly know in Britain, he and Clive Bell introduced them to the public. This appreciation of new art inspired their Bloomsbury friends. Vanessa Bell created paintings full of gorgeous bright colour.

Her sister, Virginia Woolf pioneered new forms of writing in novels such as Mrs. Dalloway. Virginia’s novel Orlando was inspired by Vita Sackville-West and her vast house, Knole, now cared for by the National Trust. Vanessa’s many talents included design, and she created the covers for Virginia’s novels published by the Hogarth Press. Virginia ran the press with her husband Leonard Woolf, and they lived together at Monk’s House, now also cared for by the National Trust.

Virginia’s companion, Duncan Grant, shared her talent for art and design, creating everything from paintings to textile designs for the Bloomsbury run design company, the Omega Workshops. Other members of the group excelled in their chosen areas, whether it was Lytton Strachey’s radical biographies and critical writings, or John Maynard Keynes economic theory. (above picture – the living room at Monks House)

It is remarkable that this small circle of friends contained so many talented people, whose work still seems vibrant, fresh and radical today. Their relationships now seem as forward-thinking as their art, and can still seem a bit unconventional to us today. They believed people should be free to live and love as they chose. Above all, when we visit a garden like Sissinghurst, read a novel by Virginia or enjoy a beautiful painting by Vanessa, we can still feel the love, beauty and pleasure they brought to their life and their art.

I love that the new range pays homage to so much talent and history, as well as being very pretty. The kitchen and tableware range features a bold, yet chalky colour palette, reflecting colours the Bloomsbury Group artists used most frequently. Including a particular shade of green, based on the distinctive colour Virginia used to paint her sitting room walls.

~Every penny of profit from sales of the range, goes to support The National Trust, who protect and conserve hundreds of beautiful buildings and places, so that we can enjoy them. These would make amazing gifts, for Christmas, a new home or a wedding, or just something special for yourself.

The National Trust kindly leant me this set to try out and to take some pictures of. I adore the range, everything from the history to the beautiful design is lovely.

Of course no tea set would be complete with a great cuppa to go with it. The National Trust offer an amazing selection of tea, in lovely tins. As someone who only buys fairly traded tea and coffee, I am glad to see that National Trust Tea is Fairtrade too.

Featured Products:

side platecake slicecake standmilk jugcake forksteapotteacupnapkins

The range is available in selected National Trust shops or on the National Trust online shop.

Thank you to Matthew Storey for helping me with this post!

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Although I’m definitely a summer girl at heart, I am also completely in love with Autumn. Obviously I’m not talking about the wet and dreary days or the longer nights. I have the classic romantic image of Autumn in my head. Fallings leaves, beautiful rich colours, mustard and plum coloured outfits and brand new boots!

I may not like the slightly colder chill in the air. But above all other seasons, Autumn is the one that inspires me the most. I’ve looked back on some of the Autumn photos I’ve shared not he blog over the years and found found lots of Autumn inspiration.

Looking at the colours outside our windows can be the perfect muse for planning your Autumn wardrobe. Seeing all the different colours on the trees can definitely help you pick out the perfect mix and match wardrobe.

I find that during Autumn I wear a lot more 60s and 70s inspired outfits. Vibrant Crimplenes and bold accessories, alongside 70s style maxis work so well for the season.

This retro autumn outfit which appeared on the blog a couple of years ago, is full of Autumn colours. I wore an original vintage dress, with some tights and boots from primark.

One of my most treasured Autumnal accessories is my original Enid collins handbag. I love the design and the colours, it one of the highlights of my bag collection.

When it comes to make-up, I usually go for classic reds or browns at this time of year and definitely wear fewer pink tones. Lady Danger by Mac (pictured) is the perfect orange toned red and works really well for a vintage look.

As for accessories, the world of vintage plastics will always be your friend during Autumn. There are so many beautiful tones of bakelite and celluloid jewellery. Not to mention cheap and cheerful plastic bangles. I love finding treasures at car boot sales and charity shops to accessories my outfits.

Hair flowers are another great accessory for vintage autumn outfits, this is one of my favourite ones. I usually pick these up on Etsy or at vintage fairs. Check out my Autumn Dress Wishlist from last week for another dose of Autumnal ideas.

I have big plans for lots of lovely Autumn posts and have been doing lots of planning, ready for when the kids go back to school. Watch this space for recipes, wish lists, hauls and outfit posts. Also please let me know if you have any requests.

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?

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I always feel a bit sad at this time of year, when Autumn clothes start appearing in the shops. I don’t feel ready for summer to be over. But I also have a bit soft spot for Autumn colours and the idea of stomping through the leaves with the kids and I start to get a little excited.

This is my first of what I’m sure will become many Autumn wish lists. As it’s still August I’ve chosen transitional pieces, that work well now, but can be layered up as it starts to get cold. Add tights and cardigans and long sleeved tops for under sleeveless dresses and these will be perfect for the colder months as well.

Vintage Style Dresses for Autumn

Top Row: Petite Yellow DressMushroom DressGingham Dress

Second Row – Ditsy Floral Dress 50s Style DressRose Print Dress

Bottom Row – Lace Frill DressMini Shirt DressWoodland Leaves Dress

Are you looking forward to Autumn, have you seen any lovely dress that you think I would like? Keep up to date with my latest outfits in the My Outfits section.

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