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Dressing Up and Running Around at Claremont Landscape Garden

October 10, 2013

One of the best things about being a stay at home mum to Lila, is being able to have an impromptu day out. Yesterday we met up with my mum and went to my favourite place, Claremont Landscape Garden in Esher. It’s absolutely beautiful there and it changes so much with every season. The garden is owned by the National Trust who seem to be constantly making improvements.

Claremont Landscape Garden | Vintage Frills

The garden was once attached to Claremont House an eighteenth century Palladian Country House which is the former home of Princess Charlotte and is now used as a school. The garden was left overgrown for most of the twentieth century and in the 20s many of the buildings within the garden were demolished by property developers including Princess Charlotte’s mausoleum. The house and gardens have a fabulous Royal History which I will one day talk more about in another post.

On this trip we were thinking less about history and more about having a good run around and lot’s of fun. Lila was in her element running along the hilly paths and in and out of the rhododendrons. One of my favourite things to do with kids at Claremont is a little visit to the thatched cottage near the lake. Inside there is a huge selection of Victorian style toys, including hoops and hobby horses. There is also loads of old-fashioned dress up. We had loads of fun getting Lila dressed up and she loved trying on all the hats. It was nice going midweek as we often visit at weekends and it can be really busy.

Claremont Landscape Garden | Vintage Frills

Inside the thatched cottage

A cosy fireplace inside the little cottage

Lots to play with – I love all the old fashioned toys

Aprons and hats make perfect dressing up accessories

Lila making herself at home

Little Victorian Child!

If you’re visiting Claremont without a small person there’s still plenty to see, highlights include the grass amphitheatre, including the incredible view from the top, the lake including the island and grotto and for any wildlife lovers out there, Claremont has a huge variety of water birds including a black swan.

We skipped the playground today and went straight to the little cafe which was recently refurbished where we had some really yummy sandwiches with tea and cake.

If you live in South London or Surrey and are looking for a lovely day out then Claremont Landscape Garden is a must see, I’d recommend going on a weekend when the Belvedere Tower is open to the public as you get amazing views from the top and as the tower is in the grounds of the school you can also get a good look at the house itself.

I hope your enjoying my day out posts on the blog, I used to do them a lot more and they are my favourite ones to write. Does anyone have any good recommendations for days out in London?

Find out more about Claremont Landscape Garden here

  • Reply
    Grace Ainsworth
    October 10, 2013 at 8:16 pm

    Looks like a great day out and that bonnet is too cute!

    • Reply
      October 10, 2013 at 8:16 pm

      I know! I might have to make her one to dress up at home! 🙂

  • Reply
    carly carter
    October 11, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    How great they have dress up clothes too! There’s much to be said for wearing little people out. What a beautiful day. Was your oldest jealous?

  • Reply
    Jessica Cangiano
    October 12, 2013 at 3:36 am

    Yes, I definitely enjoy these kinds of posts! I’m an avid armchair traveler, and love getting to see more of the London/the UK through your fun filled days out – especially when their engaging, lovely historical sites such as this. Please post such entries as often as you like, you have a big fan of them in me.

    ♥ Jessica

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