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Book Review – Christmas at Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop

December 5, 2013


Last year I wrote a review for Welcome to Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop of Dreams by Jenny Colgan. I read a lot of vintage books but when I fancy a bit of chick lit, Jenny Colgan is always my first point of call Christmas at Rosie Hopkins’ Sweetshop does not disappoint.

This little delight of a book follows on from where the first book finished. Rosie is still living in the village of Lipton in the Peak District which is buried under a blanket of snow, and running the sweet shop. As christmas approaches she has to contend with the imminent arrival of her family from Australia which she has failed to mention to her boyfriend Stephen. When an accident hits the village she puts off the news even further.

She finds herself looking at her future in Lipton and the future of her relationship, does she really have a life in Lipton or would she be better elsewhere?  And when a tragedy strikes at the heart of their little community, all of Rosie’s plans for the future seem to be blown apart.

I won’t go into too much detail about the plot as I wouldn’t want to give anything away. But it’s every bit as good as Colgan’s other books and I absolutely sailed through this one.

What is says on the back: (taken from Amazon)

“Rosie Hopkins is looking forward to Christmas in the little Derbyshire village of Lipton, buried under a thick blanket of snow. Her sweet shop is festooned with striped candy canes, large tempting piles of Turkish Delight, crinkling selection boxes and happy, sticky children. She’s going to be spending it with her boyfriend, Stephen, and her family, flying in from Australia. She can’t wait.”

The book is a lovely dose of drama with a sprinkle of sugar for good measure. The characters as usual are brilliantly written and you care about every one in their own right. Rosie is adorable and there are times throughout the book where you could happily offer her some advice, but she is loveable in a very girl next door kind of way.

The book is deliciously festive and reading it just before the craziness of December definitely put me in a christmassy mood.  There is plenty of drama as the characters face some mild peril leading up to Christmas day.

If you’re looking for a christmassy book that’s so delightful you will enjoy every page then this is the one for you.

It also includes some yummy recipes at the back of the book, one of my favourite things about Jenny Colgan’s recent books.

Buy the book from:

Amazon –  FoylesBlackwells – The Book DepositaryWaterstones

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