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Olympia Arts and Antiques Fair

June 11, 2014

Last week I was invited to preview the incredible Olympia Arts and Antiques Fair, one of the most prestigious shows in the antiques calendar. Having grown up with an antique dealer grandmother and having a love of old things myself this was an event I was really excited about.

Amazing Art Deco Ceramics and Bar items, including cocktail items from Matthew Foster 20th Century Design and Clarice Cliff ceramics from Andrew Muir.

The calibre of dealers was very high and some of the most prestigious antiques sellers from across Europe were there selling an eclectic mix from the ancient to the art deco. There was so much to see it was a real treat, with prices ranging from the hundreds to the millions this was not somewhere I was looking to buy but more like wandering through a museum. This is well worth a visit if you’re a fan of vintage interiors.

One of my very favourite stands featured antique wooden curiosities from David Levi Antiques, which are also available at Portobello Market. I loved the quirky items and the amazing displays.

I took absolutely loads of pictures on the day, and as there was so much to see I mostly concentrated on early 20th Century items as I think these are the ones that would most appeal to vintage fans. Living in a 1930s house myself I especially love items from this era and saw plenty I would use to furnish my dream home.

Fabulous Art Deco furniture was a strong feature at the fair, alongside much older items.

I loved these decorative Art Deco pieces.

Another fair highlight was a delightful collection of 50s and 60s tin robots from Fallen Stars.

Amazing Mantiques from Hatchwell Antiques.

Other highlights for me included carved wooden cherubs, four-poster beds, gorgeous jewellery, ancient skeletons and this gorgeous 1950s model train.

The Fair is running until 15th June so go and check it out while you can, it’s the most incredible mix of wonderful objects you could ever imagine. Think V&A but for sale! There are also an amazing array of talks to check out so don’t miss a chance to find out about these amazing pieces of history.

Visit the website here.

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