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Welcoming Another Year

January 1, 2015

I’m a bit of a night owl and sometimes I stay up a little too late writing blog posts and thinking up ideas. We’re now 51 minutes into the new year and as usual I am up too late. I really shouldn’t make getting early nights a resolution as it’s really not going to work out for me. I wanted to write a blog post to mark the new year, but find myself totally stuck for ideas. It genuinely feels like only a few weeks ago that I was trying to think of a good blog post to mark the beginning of 2014 and I was equally stuck back then.


I’m not much of a new year person, in fact in my 29 years on the planet I think I’ve only gone out to celebrate new years once or twice so i’m pretty boring on that front! I’m not making any resolutions this year, I’m just going to try and continue to work on the many goals I’ve set myself over the last year. I want to work harder on the blog, continue to be the best mum I can be and maybe look after myself a little bit more (maybe I should get earlier nights!)

Beachy 2

One thing I won’t be doing this year is taking part in any blog challenges and I successfully failed at every single one I attempted in 2014! I’m also going to be more organised with my blogging where possible and have more consistency and regular features.


As this is the last year of my 20s (OMFG) I’m going to make sure I enjoy every second and do even more of the things that make me happy; more days out, more frolicking in pretty dresses, more rolling down hills, and more cocktails with friends. As well as possibly more trips to the gym, early nights and healthy meals, but I’m not making any promises!


I have filled this post with pictures of happy days from 2014, which are all in frames in my house to remind me everyday how lucky we are and how blessed we are to be a family and to have each other. On the days that aren’t perfect or when we have arguments or we’re bored or have run out of money, being reminded of what we have is really important. We are far from being a perfect family but we all love each other and spend time together and that’s what really matters. I can’t wait to take more photos and make more memories to cherish in 2015.




What are your plans for the coming year? Will you being doing more of what makes you happy?

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    Jessica Cangiano
    January 1, 2015 at 9:20 am

    Lovely, heartfelt post, honey. I’m aiming for more balance, less time online, pacing myself better (it’s something I’ve always struggled with for as long as I’ve been chronically ill), and get back to crafting (I miss it dearly) in the coming year. Here’s to hope that we both excel at everything we plan to achieve in the exciting year ahead.

    Huge hugs & the very happiest of 2015 wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

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