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10 Things To Do When The Spring Sun Shines

March 18, 2016

The weather may be a bit up and down, but Spring is most definitely on its way. This is one of my favourite times of year, when pretty bulbs are popping up, blossom is appearing on the trees and we see a few sunny days. The anticipation of the end of the cold weather is so close, you start to think about putting on a summer dresses and feeling the warm sun on your skin. I am most definitely not a winter person. The grey skies and needing to wrap up warm, just aren’t for me.

Hauchlauts Park Bluebell walkThis time of year to me is all about new beginnings and things to look forward to. I have a few family trips planned for the next few months and I’m already thinking about Spring outfits and packing my coats away until the autumn. There are lot’s of things I like to do as the weather gets warmer and here are a few of them…

Wooden Seed Trey and Newspaper Seed Pots1. Buy Some Plants, Sow Some Seeds:

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a really big garden. It’s one of the main things that attracted me to my house when I bought it. However I’m not very green fingered and I doubt it will ever be perfect or Pinterest worthy! I do however like to concentrate on little areas of the garden and make them look pretty. This week I popped to the garden centre and picked up lots of lovely bright flowers to plant in my pots and now I have a little area that looks really pretty and I feel very Spring-like sitting outside. I’ve also planted some seeds with the kids and we can’t wait to see them grow. See how I made these little newspaper pots here.

2. Easter Crafts: 

Easter is one of my favourite times of year to do little craft activities with the kids. From painting eggs to decorating our Easter bonnets we always embrace the crafting opportunities that the season brings. We usually go on a little caravan holiday around this time and I pack a big bag of things to make and do while we’re there. You can find great kits in both supermarkets and craft stores.

3. Outfit Planning: 

I always struggle with vintage outfits in the colder months. I love bright colours and throwing on a dress and some sandals. It’s just so much easier to dress nicely with very little effort when it’s warmer. At this time of year I like to go through my wardrobe and work out which dresses I’m going to be wearing and plan accessories to go with them. I also give everything an iron and freshen up if it’s been squashed in the wardrobe for a whole winter.

Hatchlands Parks Woods5. Go for Long Walks: 

As I work from home, I spend most of my time indoors. The warmer weather makes me feel more creative so I try to get out more and take long walks in parks and spend lots of time exploring with the kids. I love blogging about all the things we do, so it gives me plenty of photo taking opportunities and inspiration. It’s this time of year that I love being my own boss the most and love choosing places to go out and enjoy, as well as write about.

6. Spring Clean: 

OK, so this one isn’t quite as fun. But as I said before, I see this time of year as one of new beginnings and it is a great time to get organised, throw out some stuff and have a good clean. I like to set a day aside, open all the windows, put a record on and get the house sorted. Although I have a bit of a hatred of housework, the reward of having every single task done is worth every bit of effort involved.

Rockpooling Crab7. Go to the Beach: 

We all do it, that first weekend of sunshine can only mean one thing. A spontaneous trip to the seaside. Us Brits do know how to take advantage of the sun and I have spent many a freak Spring heat wave sitting in traffic trying to get into Brighton to make the most of every single drop of sun! Nothing makes me happier than a walk along the beach and a paddle followed by a big helping of fish and chips or an ice-cream. I can’t wait! See my posts on crabbing and rock pooling for some family beach ideas.

Painshill Crocuses7. Take Lots of Photos: 

I’m a big photo taker anyway, but at this time of year I find myself stepping it up a notch! It’s such a pretty time of year that I like to take snaps of everything. From the pretty flowers to the lovely sunsets and blue skies, you can expect it all to pop up on the blog or my Instagram at some point. It’s all too lovely not to share.

8. Have a Spontaneous Picnic:

I was going to say ‘Plan a Picnic’, however we have to be realistic here. It’s too early to count on the weather not being awful! But if the weather holds out I love to pack a picnic and a big blanket and spend the day with friends enjoying the outdoors. I usually just pop into the supermarket on the way to grab some bits, if I haven’t planned ahead. If you don’t have one, get yourself a nice wicker hamper and picnic blanket for that little vintage touch.

9. Get Shopping! Car Boot Season is Upon Us!: 

Probably my favourite thing that happens this time of year, is my favourite car boot sales starting up again. Most of my vintage bargains come from car boots and I love hunting out treasure for my wardrobe and home. Most re-start at the beginning of April if the weather’s nice and I love rising early on a weekend morning and heading to a field in the middle of nowhere with Rob and the kids to look for lovely new (old) things.

Atomic Festival Classic Pick up Trucks10. Go to Some Vintage Events:

Another thing that gets going in April is the vintage calendar, the first festivals usually start around April and I can’t wait to go and have lots of vintage fun. I’m planning to go to more festivals this year that ever. How exciting!

Whats things do you love doing when the Spring comes?

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