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Book Review – Sleeping Beauty A Mid Century Fairytale

August 20, 2016

One of my favourite times of day, would have to be story time with Lila before bed. So I’m always on the lookout for new children’s books to read with her. I was really excited to see that Pavillion books have  published a series of classic fairy tales re-told and illustrated in different vintage eras.

Sleeping Beauty - A Mid Century Fairytale ReviewThere are currently 3 books in the series written by Lynn Roberts-Malony and illustrated by David Roberts. The previous books a 1920s themed Cinderella and a retro 1970s Repunzel have just been joined by a wonderful 1950s version of Sleeping Beauty.

1950s Sleeping Beauty BookThe illustrations in the book are absolutely beautiful. I love the stylish mid-century theme of the book and the little details in all the pictures are perfect. The book is definitely design led, and this gives it just as much appeal to adults as to children.

Mid Century Sleeping BeautyIn the story baby Annabel is cursed by a jealous witch at a party, she will be pricked by a needle before her 16th birthday and die. Her aunt, a good witch changed the spell, so that she will sleep for 1000 years instead. If she is not woken at midnight after 1000 years she will die.

Sleeping Beauty A Mid Century Fairy Tale Evil QueenAnnabel grows up with her aunts, she loves science fiction and spends her time reading space books and watching films about Robots. Her aunts remove all the needles from the house. All seems well until a mysterious record player appears on the doorstep right before her 16th birthday.

1950s Sleeping Beauty Record PlayerI won’t give away the rest of the re-telling, but it is fantastic and would definitely appeal to modern children. I like the female based plot, there is not a handsome prince in sight which I prefer to tradition fairy tales.

Sleeping Beauty A Mid Century Fairy tale Rose BushThe book itself is nice and big, so you get to enjoy the beautiful pictures in all their glory. It’s not too long either so it’s perfect for a bedtime story. I like that it is grown up enough for both girls to enjoy, both Lila who is 5 and Jessica who is ten both really enjoyed reading it with me.

Mid Century Sleeping Beauty BedroomEven if you don’t have children, this would appeal to anyone who like the 1950s and would look lovely on a coffee table to dip into and enjoy the illustrations.

Sleeping Beauty A Mid century Fairy Tale Book ReviewI’m really hoping that more of these books will be out soon, I would love to see all the decades of the 20th century recreated in fairy tale from.

Sleeping Beauty LilaSleeping Beauty: A Mid Century Fairy Tale is Published by Pavillion, written by Lynn Roberts Maloney and Illustrated by David Roberts. You can buy a copy on Amazon.

*Thank you to Pavillion Books for sending me the book to review. All opinions are my own.

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