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Twinwood Festival 2016 – Most Marvellous Outfits

September 10, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Twinwood Festival for the first time. The festival celebrates all things vintage, from music and dance to fashion, with a lot of history thrown in. I went with a big group of friends from the Most Marvellous Meet Ups group and we had a fantastic time. I’m going to write another post talking about the festival a bit more and sharing my outfits from the weekend, but today I wanted to share some pictures of some of my friends and their gorgeous outfits.

twinwood-festival-2016-amy-and-rebeccaAmy and Becky

twinwood-festival-2016-carrie-ann-nicola-and-hollyCarrie-Ann, Nicola and Holly

twinwood-festival-2016-lynda-and-sarahLynda and Sarah

twinwood-festival-2016-hattie-and-lottieLottie and Hattie

twinwood-festival-2016-beverley-steph-etcSteph and Beverley and I can’t remember the names of the two handsome chaps (someone help me out)

twinwood-festival-2016-samSam, wearing my favourite outfit from the weekend. I love everything about this gorgeous yellow outfit.

twinwood-festival-2016-holly-and-emmaHolly and Emma

twinwood-festival-2016-marvelettesMe, Tanya, Beverley, Steph, Sam and Lucy

twinwood-festival-2016-becky-beverly-and-amyBecky, Beverley and Amy

twinwood-festival-2016-becky-and-amyBecky and Amy doing 40s to perfection.

twinwood-festival-2016-beverly-lucy-tanya-and-stephBeverley, Lucy, Tanya, and Steph with a handsome chap!

twinwood-festival-2016-gemma-lucy-and-rachelGemma, Lucy and Rachel

Doesn’t everyone look fabulous. Next year I might pluck up the courage to ask people I don’t know for photos, as there were so many stunning outfits everywhere. It was like vintage heaven! Look out for my outfit round-up some time in the next week.

While we’re here, I have a big favour to ask all my readers. As many of you know last year I was lucky enough to win a Cosmo Blog Award, which was a huge honour and mostly thanks to all my wonderful friends and readers who nominated me. This year I would love to be nominated again, since there isn’t a photography section this year I would like to be nominated in the Lifestyle category. If you could spare a minute to nominate Vintage Frills it would be much appreciated, and as a reasonably niche blog I need all the votes I can get!

Thank you! xxxx You can place your nomination here.

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