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Personal Goals for 2018

January 17, 2018

I can’t believe we’re nearly half way through January already! So far it’s been a busy, but very successful month for me. I’ve not done much blog work (I usually take a step back during January), but I have already started to achieve some of my other goals for the year. My goals are all the obvious ones, but they are all things I’ve been focussing on for the last few months and want to continue through the next year.

One: Look After Myself

Since I got unwell last summer, I’ve had to focus on looking after myself a bit more. Around that time I had got into the habit of pushing myself too hard and working non stop. On top of being a mum and looking after my home and having a social life I was stretched far too thin. Over the last few months I’ve been much kinda to myself and taken a lot of the pressure off. I still need to work on this though, sometimes I still do over do it. I’m working on not striving to be perfect and to know my limits and to say no to things, that I can’t manage.

I’ve also been looking after my body, my doctors recommended losing a little weight as it can help with Intracranial Hypertension and make symptoms go away. This is a hard one for me, as I’m quite body confident and my weight is not something I worry about too much. I want to go into a bit more detail about this in another post. I have been going on long walks and have really hit the gym recently, as well as going to Yoga classes. I’m absolutely loving all the exercise and feeling great. I’m also trying extra hard to eat well and cut down on caffein and other things that aren’t good for me. This is definitely a big goal for me in 2018.

Another way I’ve been looking after myself is getting more sleep. Like most workaholics I used to stay up way to late, to get that little bit extra done. Finally at the age of 32, I’ve broken this habit! I now aim to get to sleep by 10 and get up at 6, so that I get 8 hours every night. It’s definitely stopped me burning out and getting exhausted and I feel so much better for it. I’m definitely aiming to keep this up in 2018.

Two: Being Happy and Spreading Happiness

I’m pretty good at doing things that make me happy and personally I feel like I manage to enjoy life at the same time as being very busy looking after my friends and family. This year I want to do this even more. I’ve started keeping a journal and including positive things that happened in the day. These can be really simple things like a nice bath or a lovely walk. Taking a m moment to appreciate things really helps to keep me feeling positive even after a hard or long day.

One thing I really want to do more of, is spreading happiness. Making more of an effort top smile at people, be helpful or just do something kind every day.

Three: Getting on Top of Work

When it comes to work, this is the area that needs the most work! Things got a bit crazy last year and there were quite a few times that I needed to take a step back from work and look after other parts of my life. Now I feel a bit more settled I want to get reorganised and get on top of everything. Not by over working myself, but by picking out the most important things and getting them done.

This year I want to put lots of time into my Etsy shop and selling vintage again. I enjoy this so much and I enjoy finding nice things to sell, cleaning and repairing them and sending them off to their new homes.

As for the blog, I want to keep on top of all the back of house stuff more. Things like emails and accounts all take lots of time and if you get behind it’s a total nightmare. So this year I am going to spend 3 mornings a week doing all my admin and being organised.

The most important things of course, is actually writing the blog. I have so many ideas and this year I want to get lots of them done. For now I am going to aim for between 2 and 4 posts a week and no more than that. I used to blog nearly every day and it takes up more time than I have. By setting manageable targets I’m hoping to enjoy blogging more this year.

Four: Finish My House

Home improvement has been one of my biggest hobbies since I was really young. In fact I always wanted to be an interior designer when I was little! I’ve now been in our current house for 6 years and I love it so much. When we moved in, we did a full renovation and since then we have redecorated a few times. There always seems to be a house project on the go. This year I want to be more focussed and take each room one at a time and get it to exactly where I want it to be. So expect much more interior content on the blog this year. I’m currently completely redecorating Lila’s room and I have lots of DIYs I want to share with you.

So this year is all about small changes that will make a big difference. I’m feeling so motivated and excited about the year ahead.

Have you got any intentions or resolutions for 2018?

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  • Reply
    Mim (@crinolinerobot)
    January 18, 2018 at 9:32 am

    Ha, I’m doing the ‘get more sleep’ thing too. Isn’t it amazing? I find I’m so much more motivated and able to cope with pretty much everything – including making healthy lunches so I’m losing weight. I hope you’re able to take care of yourself and reduce/eliminate your symptoms.

    • Reply
      February 2, 2018 at 7:39 am

      I’m amazed what a big different getting a good nights sleep makes. I’m exactly the same, motivated and less stressed.

  • Reply
    Beth Alice Peggie
    January 20, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    Awesome! I hope that you get everything you want out of 2018 🙂

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