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A Catch-up and a Lovely Dress

February 8, 2018

So we’re already a few days into February and so far this year has been pretty good. I wanted to take a bit of time at the end or beginning of each month to see how I’m getting on with my goals and to catch up a bit. I also want to photograph more of my vintage dresses, so thought this was a good opportunity to show you another dress from my collection.

At the beginning of January I talked about my goals for 2018. A month into the year and on the whole I’m doing pretty well with them. My first goal was to look after myself more. I’ve still been getting reasonably early nights. There were a few where I stayed up a bit too late watching TV with Rob, but I’m back to getting 8 hours now and it makes such a big difference.

I’ve also been going to the gym as much as possible and have been to Yoga, Pilates and Spin as well as swimming and working out. I’ve also been for plenty of lovely long walks and I’ve especially enjoyed these. I’ve been looking up interesting walking routes and have really enjoyed getting away from it all and exploring new places. Fresh air and exercise really do work wonders. I didn’t feel that great this week and going for a long walk with Rob really made me feel better.

I’ve also been better at pacing myself and haven’t done more work than I can manage. This is the thing I’ve found the hardest. By nature I’m a workaholic, but only doing what I can manage and reining in my goals a bit has been very good for me. I do want to do a bit more blogging though and I have just bought a lot of new stock for my Etsy and I can’t wait to get that listed very soon.

I’ve done quite a few nice things in my home over the last month, especially in Lila’s room. I still have a bit of finishing off to do, but expect a blog post on that pretty soon. I also have a few DIY posts planned, so watch this space (you may be watching for a while)!

And thats about it for my goals so far this year. Have you set yourself any goals? How are you getting on with them? How has 2018 been for you so far?

The dress I’m wearing in this post is another vintage Swirl dress. You can read about one of my other ones and find out a bit more about Swirl dresses in my post from last year. I’m wearing it with a flower garland from H&M, some vintage bangles and shoes from Hotter. The dress is a little small on me, but I’ve kept it for a while as I like it so much. This is one I’ll eventually part with, as I don’t like keeping things that don’t get worn and appreciated enough.

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    Mim (@crinolinerobot)
    February 13, 2018 at 9:19 am

    Well done for taking care of yourself, and thank you for sharing that lovely dress.

    I’m still trying… not doing as well as you, though.

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