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Baby Shower

BABY SHOWER – How to Make a Gorgeous Floral Nappy Cake

September 11, 2018

I’m so excited at the moment as my best friend Fay, is soon to become a mama! I was recently put in charge of organising her baby shower and in true blogger style there were Pinterest boards, colour schemes and a theme to follow! I thought it would be fun to record all the things I did to make the baby shower a success and do a little series of posts on here. First up the nappy cake I made for the day. My daughter Jessica helped me make it and we had lots of fun doing it together.

There are loads of different types of nappy cake on the internet and I looked at loads of different opens for ideas. In the end I decided to go for something simple and decorate it with flowers and ribbons. I wanted something that would work with the white, mint and rose gold colour scheme, that would look quite grown up and classy and I’m really happy with how it came out.

How to make the nappy cake:

To make this nappy cake you will need: around 50 – 60 nappies, clear elastic bands, a cake base, a wrap paper tube, ribbons, letter stickers, fake flowers and a glue gun.

Step one:

Roll up all your nappies up tightly and secure with the clear elastic bands.

Step two:

 Glue the tube into the centre of the cake base.

Step three:

Arrange the nappies around the tube in the centre, I used a little curling ribbon to secure mine, you could also use string or a large elastic band.

Keep adding circles of nappies until the cake base is covered.

Add two more layers of nappies and cut down the tube.

Step Four:

Decorate the cake with flowers and ribbon.

I arranged the flowers in size order on each tier and at the top and added some burlap ribbon to each layer.

I also added a couple of flowers to the top of the cake, to hide the top of the tube.

Step Five:

I finished the cake off by adding mint coloured ribbon. I glued on matching bows and used the stickers to write baby on the top tier.

There are loads of ways you could change the design, you could add some baby products, use different colours or add a teddy to the top. It’s definitely a great way to add to a theme. Plus the mum to be gets lots of nappies to use.

I got my cake base and ribbons from Hobbycraft. The flowers are from Ikea and the nappies are from Lidl. I got the stickers and elastic bands from the pound shop.

Look out for another baby shower post next week, as I’m going to do a series of posts.

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