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Why 2020 is Going to be my Year!

January 7, 2020

2019 was definitely the shittest year ever. I put the blog well and truly to one side and focussed on other things. But in that time I’ve built up a big list ideas and lots of inspiration that I really want to get to work on in the new year.

I want the blog to be an inspiring place, all about making the most of life, enjoying the little things and being our best selves. I want to share fun outfits, recipes, things to make and do and lovely places to visit. Simple pleasures that are budget and time friendly and generally just be a little spot of positivity in a difficult world.

Looking back over the last few years of blogging, 2015 was definitely my year. The blog took me to amazing places and brought me some fabulous experiences. I produced so much content I was proud of and I even won a Cosmopolitan Blog Award. Looking back to that time, has given me the inspiration to fully embrace the blog going forward and I feel so excited for the year ahead.

So watch this space and I hope you enjoy seeing where the year takes us. I would so appreciate The support of both new and old readers alike. If you like what I do and want to see what comes next, please give me a follow on all my platforms, click on my links and leave likes and comments, it really does make everything I do so worth it. And if there’s anything you’d like to see on the blog this please let me know, I write it for all of you! 

But most of all Happy New Year! Where do you want 2020 to take you?

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