DIY Halloween Decorations for Kids
Last week I shared my DIY decoupage halloween pumpkin decoration, which I made with some bits kindly gifted to me by Hobbycraft. They also let me choose some lovely things to do with the kids.… View Full Post View Post

DIY Decoupage Pumpkin Decorations
I love any excuse to get creative and try some new crafts. This year I wanted to do lots of different Halloween crafts, DIYs and bakes and also to try some new skills. I was… View Full Post View Post

CRAFT – Trying Pyrography For the First Time
I love getting creative and trying out new crafts and arty things. Back in July I went to a Christmas event with Hobbycraft and we got to try making lots of different festive things. One… View Full Post View Post

Time to Relax with Illustration School
Although I didn’t really make any new years resolutions this year, there were definitely things I wanted to work on and improve over the next year. One of those things was to make a bit… View Full Post View Post

Blogmas Day 19 – DIY Marble Gift Tags
Usually at Christmas I like to make as many gifts and cards as possible. As the big days has crept up on me a bit this year the only crafty thing I’ve done so far… View Full Post View Post

Hochanda TV Craft Day
I love going to blogger and press events, where I get to try new things. I’ve been to a few recently which have involved crafting and I’ve enjoyed them all so much. A couple of… View Full Post View Post

Viking Arty Party – An Afternoon of Crafting and Learning New Things!
As a blogger, I get to go to lots of interesting events and try lots of new things, I feel so lucky to make the most of all the opportunities, which come my way. My… View Full Post View Post

Making Upcycled Christmas Gifts with Gumtree
I get to do some really great things through blogging and one of the most fun things I’ve done in a while was an up cycling workshop hosted by gumtree and Max McMurdo. You may have… View Full Post View Post

Saving a Badly Up-cycled Coffee Table!
Up-cycling – a phenomenon that swept across the country in recent years, basically slapping some paint on old furniture (Kirsty Alsopp I’m looking at you) or irrevocably altering an original piece of vintage clothing (Dawn… View Full Post View Post

Summer Party Drinks Table
Here’s a little Sunday morning bonus post from me. Yesterday we had a lovely little garden party for my daughter Jessica, it was a lovely day filled with sunshine, smiles and family. We’ve been working… View Full Post View Post