I’m a little late with Making Monday this week, so we’ll just call it Making Tuesday today! This week I have a tutorial for one of my favourite vintage makes. I’ve been making teacup candles for years, long before they were popular. Back in the days when you could still buy vintage teacups in every charity shop for £1!

The teacups may be harder to find but the candle is just as easy as ever. These only take a few minutes to make and are perfect as little gifts or as a beautiful thing to enjoy in your home.

So here’s my little guide to making them…

The teacup I used in the video was one of a set of four which I picked up a couple of weeks ago at a car boot sale. I like mismatched china so I’m going to keep one for drinking tea and use the others for crafts. The great thing about these candles is that once you’ve finished burning them you can still re-use the cup.

All the stuff I used can be bought at Hobby craft.

I used…

Candle Wax Pellets – £9.49

Candle Wicks – £2.49

Candle Scents – £6.49

Please let me know if you give this one a go. If you have any tutorials you’d like to see on the blog please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

You can find my other DIY videos here.

It’s Monday all over again! I had a little craft video planned for today, however I ended up not having time to edit it so I thought I would share one of my very favourite recipes for you instead. This little dessert is about as easy as baking gets. I have a little obsession with jam jars and I think they look great filled with this yummy treat.

Equipment –

Mixing bowl and spoon or a food processor

Jam jars

Ingredients – 

1 packet frozen cherries

100g plain flour

50g butter

75g Soft brown sugar

Custard to serve

Directions – 

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees

Combine the flour butter and sugar in a bowl or food processor until it takes on a bread crumb consistency, it can be easier to do this with your hands.

Fill your jars half way with cherries and leave to thaw for a few minutes.

Cover the cherries with a generous helping of crumble mix, do not press this down.

Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes until the crumble is golden brown.

Allow to cool for a few minutes before serving with fresh custard.

So simple and super delicious.

I can’t quite believe it’s Monday again already! I’ve got lot’s of great crafty ideas for the coming weeks, and this week I thought I’d try something new. I’ve never really put my hand to any kind of floristry before and I absolutely love flowers so it’s something I really wanted to try.

So I grabbed a few bits in Hobbycraft and made a few arrangements that I’m really happy with. I really like an English Garden look, so I just used bits from the garden and some roses from Tescos.

I put together a little tutorial video explaining how I created this look and took loads of pictures, as there’s nothing I love to photograph more than flowers.

Here’s the video tutorial so you can make something similar…

The little pots I used are available from Hobbycraft you can buy them here.

The Florist’s Foam can be bought here.

These were my two practice runs I did before filming the video. I used slightly fewer leaves and I think I like the subtler ones a little better. How beautiful is the teacup? I picked it up in a local charity shop this morning, and couldn’t not include it in my photographs!

This is the arrangement featured in the video, I have a really big garden which is still slightly over grown as we’ve not managed to tame it yet. There was so much greenery to choose from so I got creative and tried a bit of everything.

These gorgeous roses were part of a small bunch of flowers I picked up in Tesco for £5 this morning. They are pretty and very similar to the flowers I had in my wedding bouquet. Next time I do something like this I’ll probably plan ahead and pop to a flower market to save a little money and maybe get something a bit more unusual.

The small white flowers (I’m sorry I don’t know what they’re called) come from a small house plant which I picked up at a supermarket for about £1.50 I think. Don’t the little flowers look cute next to the big roses.

Have you ever tried flower arranging, is it something you would like to try? xxx

Making Monday is back! I stopped doing this weekly craft post in December because I was finding it hard to fit in a craft project every week. I’m going to give it another go though, as it was a popular feature and it encourages me to do something creative in a busy week.

My latest craft obsession is making hair accessories so I’m going to put together a few tutorials. This first one is ridiculously easy and anyone could give it a try. I picked up everything I needed in Hobbycraft although most of what I used is readily available on the high street.

So here’s how I put this cute headband together….

They take about ten minutes to make, you can also add twine and ribbon if you’d like a bit more detail on them. I can’t wait to pick up more flowers so I can make a few more for the summer. I’m also going to have a go at bun garlands.

Lila ran outside for a cuddle while I was taking my pictures, I love how this one came out!

What have you been making this week? xxx

After an absolute sewing frenzy last week, this week was more about catching up on housework and having a bit of a wardrobe clear-out.  So today I thought I’d do a tutorial for the jam jar pin cushion I made last week.

The only thing I finished this week was a dolly for Jessica which she helped me make. I used a pattern from Knit It Stitch It, which is one of my favourite books. It’s full of easy sewing projects for beginner sewers or for people who want to make some lovely things with their kids. All the projects are really simple and easy to follow and the pictures inside are so pretty and girly. Perfect for me.

I used the pattern from the book to make the doll, but added some woollen hair to make her look extra pretty!


How to Make a Jam Jar Pin Cushion

You will need:

an empty jam jar,

a small piece of fabric,

pom pom trim,

a piece of cardboard,

a pencil,

super glue / glue gun / PVA glue,

a saucer to draw round,


needle and thread,

polyester stuffing

Step One – Draw round the lid of your jar onto the cardboard and cut out.

Step Two – Take a saucer which is at least twice as large as the jar lid and draw round it onto the fabric, then cut out,

Step Three: Do a line of running stitch all the way round the circle of fabric leaving a long piece of thread at either end.

Step Four: Place your polyester stuffing and cardboard on top of the fabric circle.

Step Five: Pull the thread tight around the stuffing and cardboard as tightly as possible (I left mine a little too loose here)

Step Six: Spread glue over your jam jar lid.

Step Seven: Firmly press your pin cushion onto the lid of the jar.

Step Eight: Glue your pom pom trim around the the jar lid. (I stuck some cream bias binding underneath to hide the orange jar lid, but you don’t need to)

Step Nine: Fill with buttons, ribbons or threads and enjoy!

I hope you like this very easy project, if you manage to make one please tweet me a picture as I’d love to see. If you want more tutorials let me know and I’ll see what I can do. xxx