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Instagram Inspirations

March 21, 2012

At the moment I am absolutely loving Instagram. Instagram in a photo sharing app for I phone. You can use it to add nostalgic effects to your photos, creating something really beautiful.

What I particularly love about Instagram is that people take a completely different type of photo to those that you would usually share. The photos are seldom of people and can be anything from a cat, to a meal, to a place. I really enjoy seeing the creative side of people coming out, be it a picture of something that someone has baked or a lovely item that has been found or made.

A lot of the pictures I take using instagram are little things that I wouldn’t normally take a picture of, little snapshots of everyday life, and I love the vintage effects that make everything look that little bit more special.

I’ve compiled a few of my most recent instgram pics, and I think they say more about me and what I spend my time doing than you could ever get from a Facebook status update.

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