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Your Favourite Mr Darcy

July 4, 2012

Mr Darcy has got to be one of Jane Austen’s most famous and popular characters. Many women find themselves irresistibly attracted to the man on the page and he is always represented as a handsome brooding man in television and film.

I’ve recently been debating with a friend which is the best of the Mr Darcy’s from six ever popular dramatisations and I’d love to know what you think! Take a look at the six swoonsome pictures and vote below for the man you think best represents Jane Austen’s famous hero!

Clockwise from left; 1.  Elliot Cowen (Lost in Austen 2008) 2. Martin Henderson (Bride and prejudice 2004) 3. Colin Firth (Pride and prejudice 1995) 4. David Rintoul (Pride and prejudice 1980) 5. Laurence Olivier (Pride and prejudice 1940) 6. Matthew Macfadyen (Pride and Prejudice 2005)

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