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Being More Sociable!

November 26, 2012

I’m so grateful to everyone whose been reading the blog recently. Every week I seem to have more and more readers and it’s really nice to know people are enjoying the blog.

It’s very easy to forget that there are loads of other great bloggers out there who’ve been doing this a lot longer than me and there’s a lot to be learned from other people. So this week I’m gong to put an hour aside each evening to read other blogs and make a comment. I’m also going to read my whole twitter feed and retweet and reply to more tweets. Everyone  I follow is interested in similar things or are local to me so it’s always great to see what other people have to say. (I seem to have more free time in the evenings since the new Call of Duty game came out and my husband is distracted!)

I’m also going to follow more blogs, I have a few that are delivered to my email every time they post and others that I take a look at whenever I remember. Following blogs is a great way of supporting the people who write them as followers can raise a blogs profile no end.

If  see anything I love I will be pinning it on one of my Pinterest boards so others can enjoy it to.

I’m really looking forward to making the effort to be more sociable online.

Has anyone got any good blogs to recommend? If you think I might like your blog please post a link below and I’ll make sure I give it a read, a comment and maybe even a follow.

Be more sociable!

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