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Me Made May

April 30, 2013

The other day I was reading one of my favourite blogs Ideas and Inspirations, and Grace mentioned that she was taking part in Me Made May. I was intrigued so clicked on her link to So Zo… What do you Know? who is hosting the event. After having a little think about whether I could take on  the challenge I’ve decided to give this one a go.

The idea of Me Made May is to wear something you have made or modified every day in May. This prompted me to get out all my unfinished sewing projects with the aim of getting a little head start. About 10 minutes in my sewing machine completely broke! I tried everything but it was completely un useable. I’d been having a few problems with it for a while, so it wasn’t a total surprise. Luckily I decided to buy IKEAs £45 basic sewing machine, and I’m really impressed. As I only really need basic stitches this cheap option is ideal and it is so much better than my £50 John Lewis mini which I was using before. To anyone new to sewing I’d highly recommend it as its pretty small and extremely simple to use. it’s also not a huge investment to a new sewer or someone who doesn’t sew very much.


So with that minor disaster out-of-the-way I’m ready to finish the 4 dresses I’m in the middle of and remodel some vintage dresses which I’ve had in my pile or ages.

As the challenge is 30 days and I’ve not been making clothes for very long I can’t guarantee that I can wear something handmade every day but I’m going to try and do it as many days as I can. There’s a very good chance that every piece of fabric in the house is gong to end up being made into clothes  curtains and duvets you are not safe!!!

I’m going to post a bit more about this later or tomorrow, but if you’d lie to take part too you can find out more here.

  • Reply
    May 1, 2013 at 9:53 am

    Yay! I’m so glad you decided to do it to… I’m already panicking that I won’t have enough to wear for a whole month!

    • Reply
      May 1, 2013 at 10:03 am

      I know I’m sewing like crazy today! Good luck! You have already made some lovely things, I feel very inspired. I’m going to try and make a grown up sized shirred dress like the one from The Great British Sewing Bee later.

      • Grace
        May 1, 2013 at 10:34 am

        ooh good luck! I’ve only done it a couple of times before and my lines were proper wonky!!

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