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How to Make a Flower Brooch

May 5, 2013

I’m still without a laptop charger so posting from my phone again. I’ll catch up on my Me Made May posts when I have the computer and photoshop back up and running.
In the meantime here’s a little tutorial for a flower brooch/hair accessory which I’ve made a few times.
It’s a great way of using smaller bits of fabric from your stash.


You will need…


Some small bits of fabric


Some buttons

As well as a needle and thread, a pencil, a bowl or cup, some scissors and an iron.

Step one…


Iron your fabric so it’s smooth, trace out 8 circles by drawing round your bowl, cut out circles.


Fold your circles twice and press them.


Gather the round edge and stitch together until you have 8 petals.


Stitch the petals together as tightly as you can in the middle.


Attach a button to the middle. You can then add a hair band or safety pin the back to finish your accessory.

These are one of my favourite things to make and make excellent gifts.


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