Wilkos Vintage Style Stationary Haul

I am an avid list writer. I literally write down every single thing I need to do at the beginning of each day and I love being really organised. Being a list writing obsessive means I love getting pretty new stationary to write all my to-do lists and blog post ideas in. I recently spotted some really cute notebooks in Wilkinson, with a pretty 50s style lady on them and I just couldn’t resist picking them up. Everything was so affordable that it quickly turned into a little haul!

The range I chose from features lots of pretty flowers and colours and some of the items have pretty sewing machines on them as well as ribbon which looks like tape measures. I would have bought absolutely everything and very nearly did, but then remembered a little thing called budgeting and just got the bits I needed! (This doesn’t mean I won’t go back for the rest next week!)

Wilkos Vintage Notebooks

First up I got 3 notebooks. Two were just exercise book style lined notebooks, which I’ll use for lists and notes as well as for keeping track of recipes that I’m working on. The other is a thick paperback notebook with decorated pages inside.

The big notebook cost £3.00 and the exercise books were £1.00 each.

Wilkos Notebook

I love the idea of using the little sections to jot down ideas.

Wilkos Vintage Notebook

Next I got a weekly planner for £2.50. I use these to plan my blog posts and make sure I’m keeping track of all my blog admin. They also work really well as meal planners or for writing down children’s activities.  I also got these cute drawing pins which look like buttons for £1.75.

Wilkos Vintage Weekly Planner and Button Pins

I’m forever losing pens, so I grabbed these pretty pink ballpoint pens for 10p each as well as three mini notebooks, also 10p each to keep in my handbag.

Wilkos Pink Pens and Notebooks

Lastly I got a small notice board for my office, which I’m going to jazz up a little bit in a future blog post. The notice board cost £2.00.

Wilkos Pin Board and button drawing pins

I’m so happy with my little haul, which is making me feel inspired to get back on track with my blogging as I’ve fallen seriously behind in the last few weeks!

See the whole Forget Me Not stationary range here.

There is also a matching home decor range here.

Sewing Threads and Buttons

It has certainly been a while since I started any new sewing projects. I’ve been really busy with other things and although I’ve glanced guiltily at my sewing machine as it gathers dust I’ve not taken the time to make anything new for a few months now. Of course that hasn’t stopped me visiting the fabric shop a couple of times and adding to my already heaving fabric stash.

Vintage Buttons and Threads

It was definitely time to make the time to start sewing again, so I’ve planned a few projects for February and have almost finished my first one. I’m picking really easy things that I can get finished in one evening as I prefer to make things in one long sitting rather than going back to them – I get bored easily!

Gathered Skirt

My first project for the month was this 40s style gathered skirt in this bright ric-rac themed fabric. I love how colourful it is, but I think the print is also quite vintage appropriate. It’s completed other than the bottom seam so I’ll be able to show you the finished skirt really soon. This isn’t made using a specific pattern, as it just used rectangles of fabric and gathers.

Simple Sew Bella Dress

My next project, I actually started to cut out a few weeks ago. This dress pattern from Simple Sew looks pretty easy and it will be my first attempt at making a dress from a stretch fabric using my over-locker. there’s a good chance it will be a disaster, but it’s definitely worth a try! the fabric I’m using is the one pictured under the pattern, I love the bright flowers on the black background and when finished I think the dress will have a very retro feel.

Ditsy Floral Fabric

My last couple of sewing project this month will hopefully include these two pretty fabrics. They are both soft brushed cotton and the ditsy floral prints are very 30s and 40s. I only have a couple of metres of each so I’ll either use them for very simple dresses or just a couple more skirts.

What sewing projects do you have planned this month?


Dot Com Gift Shop is one of my all time favourite websites. If a shop could be designed just to appeal to me this would be it. Think retro toys, floral kitchen wear, cute sewing sets, fairy lights and stationary and you have all my favourite things in one place. Naturally I was delighted to be invited to their christmas blogger event. It may be summer but in the world of retail christmas planning starts early!

The evening was an absolute delight with lovely hosts, a wonderful venue at Different Gallery in London and lot’s of other lovely bloggers to chat to. We were also treated to a hugely informative talk on blogging from journalist and blogger Jenny Wood.

Needless to say all the stock on display was fabulous and I now want it all. Highlights included some beautiful glass bottles and jars, pretty baking sets and everything you could possibly need for an old-fashioned sports day. I spotted suitable gifts for everyone I know, including lot’s of cycling related goodies for my bike mad dad, pretty girlie stationary for Jessica, a cardboard farm store for Lila and some pretty sewing tins for me! When it comes to christmas shopping this year I know where I’ll be heading.

I love these antique style cosmetic bottles – perfect to display in a bathroom.

I love it when everyday things are made to look pretty, these gorgeous sewing pins would take pride of place in any sewing box.

These lovely ribbons are really similar to some of my vintage ones.

The children’s range was a real highlight for me. I loved how simple and traditional everything was. I now desperately want to go and fly a kite!

More prettiness – you can tell I like haberdashery can’t you!

My children need this in their life! We have loads of play food in our house and I feel this would bring out the girls entrepreneurial skills, as well as pass many a happy hour!

There was a huge range of things to hold a retro sports day, including medals. Perfect for kids who need to get outside for a run around.

I love nostalgic board games, but don’t really own any. I love the packaging these traditional games come in which remind me of playing with my lovely grandma and granddad when I was little.

Fall in love with Dot Com Gift Shop as much as I have and check out their website here.

Another week has passed of May and the weather has been really up and down. This has messed a little with Me Made May as all the clothes I’ve made have been really summery. I’ve also been pretty busy with blog happenings and I have mostly worn either casual jeans or pretty vintage outfits. I did manage to get a couple of home-made items in this week as well as one today (which kind of counts as week 3).

So this is what I wore last week…

On Day 9 I wore this yellow gingham skirt, I’ve made so many of these now and have bought enough fabric for a few more. I felt very spring like with a floral crown and casual up-do.

This dress was started last year and was all finished except the hem, so I managed to finish it this week and wore in on day 11. It’s made from a vintage sheet which I picked up at a car boot sale for about 50p.

I completed another gathered skirt this week, this time in a swallow print cotton.

Going into next week I’m going to keep up the effort and wear more things I’ve made myself. I’m also going to try to get a couple more items finished in the next few days.


At the beginning of May I decided to sign up to do Me Made May, a challenge for people who make their own clothes to wear more of their creations. Most people decide to wear something they’ve made themselves every day in May, however having struggled with the challenge last year I decided to pledge to wear home-made clothes 3 days a week throughout the month.

My Pledge…

‘I, Catherine, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear something I’ve made myself 3 times a week for the duration of May 2014’

The first week didn’t start off all that well as I mostly stayed in, wearing giant t-shirts and leggings and generally being slummy. But since I’ve finished quite a few skirts recently it was great to give a couple of them a wear this week as well as a dress I’ve not worn for ages.

I’m a bit obsessed with these gathered skirts and have managed to make 4 in the last couple of weeks, so it was great to give this green gingham one it’s first wear on our trip to Brighton.

This is a dress I made last year from a vintage sheet I’d bought in a charity shop. I’ve managed to forget all about it and not worn it since August. It’s definitely going to get a few more wears this spring.

I finished this skirt yesterday, and I absolutely love the novelty watermelon print. This one is going to get a lot of wears this spring and summer.

I’m going to attempt to wear 4 home-made items next week as I have completed so many sewing projects recently. So if the weather stays nice hopefully there’ll be plenty more home-made outfits on the blog this time next week.

Do you make your own clothes? How often do you wear them?

Thank you to Fay and Rob for taking my pictures for me. xxx