Wilko Stationery Haul
I am an avid list writer. I literally write down every single thing I need to do at the beginning of each day and I love being really organised. Being a list writing obsessive means… View Post

Sewing Plans for February
It has certainly been a while since I started any new sewing projects. I’ve been really busy with other things and although I’ve glanced guiltily at my sewing machine as it gathers dust I’ve not… View Post

Dot Com Gift Shop Christmas Blogger Preview
  Dot Com Gift Shop is one of my all time favourite websites. If a shop could be designed just to appeal to me this would be it. Think retro toys, floral kitchen wear, cute… View Post

Me Made May Week Two
Another week has passed of May and the weather has been really up and down. This has messed a little with Me Made May as all the clothes I’ve made have been really summery. I’ve… View Post

Me Made May Week One
At the beginning of May I decided to sign up to do Me Made May, a challenge for people who make their own clothes to wear more of their creations. Most people decide to wear… View Post

Unfinished Sewing Projects
I am absolutely terrible for starting sewing projects and not finishing them. This is partly because they are quite time-consuming and i don’t get much opportunity to sew and also because I tend to get… View Post

My Top 5 Thrifty Money Saving Tips
I was recently asked by Voucher Codes UK to share some of the ways I save money day-to-day. It was important to me to choose things that I do myself and that I think my… View Post

Enter The Great British Sewing Bee
I was contacted earlier this week about applications for one of my favourite TV Programmes The Great British Sewing Bee. Although I dabble in sewing and have made lot’s of my own dresses, I don’t… View Post

Making Monday #6 and Jam Jar Pin Cushion Tutorial
After an absolute sewing frenzy last week, this week was more about catching up on housework and having a bit of a wardrobe clear-out.  So today I thought I’d do a tutorial for the jam… View Post

Making Monday #5
Every Monday i share the things I’ve made and sewn over the last week. This week I was struck down with tonsillitis, and I felt so unwell I didn’t leave my bed for three days.… View Post