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Tommy Guns Hydrating Hair Products Review

December 1, 2013

Last month I was sent some new hair products from Tommy Guns and Waitrose to try. I was sent the Jasmine, Wild Nettle and Almond shampoo and conditioner and the Wether Protect Due Drops. I love hydrating products as I have very thick wavy hair which I’m constantly straightening or curling and it’s nice to put some moisture back into it.

The first thing that I loved about the products was the very attractive packaging. It’s important to me that products look nice in my bath room, so packaging is a huge selling point for me and these didn’t disappoint. They look classy and expensive, but simple at the same time. I loved the square bottles and they really do look good on my bathroom shelf.

I would say that they are quite small, so you don’t get a huge amount of product for your money, however I found that they can be used quite sparingly so this didn’t end up being a problem.


As soon as you open up the shampoo you are hit by how utterly fabulous this smells, it really is completely delicious. It smells like a freshly blended exotic smoothy and the smell stays in your hair for days. I don’t think I’ve come across a shampoo that I’ve liked the smell of this much before.

The shampoo is quite thick so it doesn’t slide out of your hand and get wasted like some do. I was surprised by how little the product foamed in the hair, the lather was similar to SLS free shampoos, however I did find it spread really well though my hair which is quite thick and I didn’t have to use too much. I liked the fact that it wasn’t creamy like some moisturising shampoos and it felt like it was really cleaning my hair and scalp, which felt clean in the same way as if I’d used a clarifying shampoo.

All in all I absolutely love the shampoo and would use it again and again. I Found it kept my hair clean and grease free for several days and I couldn’t really find fault with it, so I was very happy with this one.


The conditioner again smells amazing, although not quite as strongly as the shampoo. For a moisturising conditioner it feels surprisingly light and for my thick hair I did need to use quite a lot. It always annoys me a bit when I use up a conditioner faster that the matching shampoo and this will definitely be the case with this one.

This is a good everyday conditioner and it left my hair feeling soft and frizz free however I do have other conditioners that I prefer and that add a little more gloss. I would however use this again just for the lovely smell and because it compliments the fabulous shampoo. I’d probably use a treatment once a week to keep my hair extra glossy though.


At this time of year it’s more important to use a serum because of the cold outside and the dry heating inside. The winter really does take it’s toll on your hair. I loved this little bottle of serum which fit’s nicely into a small handbag if you need to add a little smooth while out and about. I ran a tiny drop through damp hair and found that you really only do need a little do work the magic.

I have ridiculously thick hair so I was impressed by the coverage of this and I found it kept my hair very smooth and glossy without adding any weight. After applying this my hair was easier to blow dry straight, but also worked well with my natural waves. this is a great little product and I will definitely continue to use it.

So I’d say this is a great little range if you want a beautiful smell and very good quality product for a reasonable price. the packaging looks and feels luxurious and the shampoo and serum especially are fantastic products and the conditioner is very good.

I am really pleased that they are available at Waitrose as there is one quite near me and I will definitely be picking this great little range up again.

The shampoo and conditioner cost £5.50 each and the serum is £7

You can see the full range of Tommy Guns products at Waitrose here.

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