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Pretty Speckled Egg Nails for Spring

March 21, 2014

Yesterday I met Fay for a coffee, which as usual despite efforts to resist ended up with a trip to Boots. I had made a promise to myself not to buy any more nail polish as I have so many. But as soon as I spotted a two for £8 offer on Models Own all hope of holding on to my pennies was lost. Naturally I had to buy 4 things!

Two of those things were these ridiculously cute Speckled Egg nail polishes, which are part of a set of 5 (I so have to go back for the other 3) I am in such a spring mood that these easter delights just had to be bought.

I have so many pinks purples and reds that I decided on two blue and green toned shades. They also have a pink, a yellow and a lilac, perfect for recreating a little set of mini eggs on your fingers! And these nail polishes are every bit as yummy as their chocolate counterparts.

The two shades I opted for were ‘Duck’ and ‘Magpie’ and I’m so happy with my choice of colours.

I absolutely love the packaging of Models Own nail polishes, they look really pretty all lined up and I love the simplicity of the chunky white lid. I can’t wait to put these along side all my other shades.

Generally I prefer a slightly wider brush than the ones that come on Models Own polishes, and this is my only niggle with them. It definitely makes application slightly harder than some of the other brands I use. However I always like the actual polishes so much that this doesn’t really put me off.

Application wise, I always find I need three coats to get a perfect even finish. I also always use a top and base coat, so that 5 layers of polish and it does take a really long time to dry. I find it’s best to use a quick dry spray after the final coat to help it on it’s way.

I’ve only had the polish on for a few hours, so I’m not sure exactly how long it will last, but I generally find with Models Own  polishes that they last about 3-4 days without serious chipping, obviously I’m a really busy mum so I find no polish stays perfect for particularly long on me.

I tried the shade ‘duck’ first and I absolutely love how the colour came out. The little speckles really built up with the 3 coats of polish I put on, for a slightly more subtle look 2 coats would probably be fine.

Over all I am really happy with this product so far, and have no intention of resisting the other shades which I will be picking up on my next visit to Boots. I’ll try to show you the other two products I bought in a future post.

You can buy the Speckled Egg range from Boots here.

Have you tried Models Own products before? What did you think?


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  • Reply
    Jessica Cangiano
    March 22, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    Oh my gosh, I love (!!!) them!!! I’m not familiar with that brand though. Is it exclusive to Boots? If so, I highly doubt we’ll get it over here in Canada. Oh how I hope we do though! I would buy all five polishes in a heartbeat!

    ♥ Jessica

    • Reply
      March 22, 2014 at 3:09 pm

      They’re readily available in the UK not just Boots so theirs a chance you could get them over there.
      All their shades are amazing and they have some really innovative polishes.

  • Reply
    March 22, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    Whaaaat!? I’ve never seen these, how adorable and so springy! Yes please

  • Reply
    March 26, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    I LOVVVVE the whole range but the speckled ones are particularly cute and just in time for Easter!

    • Reply
      March 28, 2014 at 12:33 am

      Yes, I think I love the speckled ones even more than the pastels!

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