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Getting a Good Nights Sleep with Lush

November 13, 2020

This post contains PR Samples from Lush

At the moment I’m a bit obsessed with sleep. It’s been a pretty dreadful year and I’ve never felt the strain like I have recently. It’s definitely taken it’s toll on both my physical and mental health. I’ve had to make lots of extra effort to look after myself and make time for self care. Everything from meditation and walking to having lovely long, baths have been high on priority list and I’ve also been very focussed on sleep. I’ve worked on my sleep routine and used lots of lovely products to make me feel rested and calm every evening before bed. I wanted to talk a bit about sleep on here. I’m going to share my sleep routine next week and today I wanted to talk about some lovely sleep products from Lush that have been helping me settle to sleep every night.

Getting a Good Nights Sleep with LushI’ve always been a huge fan of Lush products and they’re one of the brands I’ve always turned to when I’ve needed a little TLC. I love to find little treats that brighten my day and make my baths smell amazing when I need a bit of me time and to escape form the world. They recently sent me some sleep products to try, some are old favourites that I’ve used myself many times and a couple are new to me and set to become firm favourites from now on!

Getting a Good Nights Sleep with Lush

Sleepy Bubble Bar

This particular one was new to me, although I’ve used other Lush bubble bars loads of times before. They really are amazing and definitely the ultimate in creating the biggest softest, best smelling bubbles! This bubble bar features lovely lavender, tonka and ylang ylang, for a gorgeous indulgent bedtime bath. This one is super fun for kids to try too. All you have to do is break off a chunk and crumble it under running water and a seriously impressive amount of bubbles suddenly start to appear. I’ve found you can get quite a few baths out of each one. Unlike normal bubble bath, I find Lush bubble bars really moisturising and soothing on my skin. I also love that the bubble don’t pop quickly and stay put for the whole bath time. Buy a Sleepy Bubble Bar

Getting a Good Nights Sleep with Lush

Sleepy Shower Gel

This one is an old favourite for me, one of those products that I’ve been recommending to everyone I know for years. Sleepy is made with rich and soothing oat milk, lavender for balance and calm and sweet tonka for a beautiful scent. This stuff just smells like sleep to me! It’s such a restful soothing scent and when I have it in my bath the fragrance fills the house and I’m sure it helps the kids get off to sleep better too! Not only is it great for preparing you for a a fab night of restful slumber, it’s also great on the skin too. I’ve found it to be really softening and gentle and perfect for feeling pampered. I’ve used it both as a shower gel and a bubble bath. Buy Sleepy Shower Gel.

Getting a Good Nights Sleep with Lush

Sleepy Body Lotion

The perfect follow up to a sleepy Lush bath, this is another favourite product of mine. This has all the same lovely scents as the shower gel with glycerin, cocoa butter and almond oil to give your skin a serious treat before bed. One of the last things I do when I get into bed at night is slather myself in a generous helping of body lotion, I love to give my skin a treat when I sleep and if the fragrance is was restful as Sleepy, it helps me drift of into a wonderful deep sleep. The best bit is waking up in the morning with lovely soft skin, feeling refreshed and revitalised after a fantastic sleep. Buy Sleepy Body Lotion.

Getting a Good Nights Sleep with Lush

Beauty Sleep Face and Body Mask

The best new addition to my night time routine is this lovely mask. It has so many beautiful ingredients, which not only smell amazing and super relaxing, but also give your skin a wonderful treat. It’s perfect for soothing the skin after a long day and I’m especially enjoying it at the moment as my skin always needs a bit more of a boost at this time of year. I’ve had several very relaxing baths with a cup a tea and this mask on my face, listening to an audiobook and leaving the world behind for a bit. It’s absolute bliss!

It contains Gorgeous, one of Lush’s best moisturisers as well as lavender, exfoliating ground aduki beans, neroli oil and a plethora of other deeply hydrating oils. If you take a look at the ingredients list on the website you’ll be seriously impressed with all the luscious ingredients, there are 47 in total! To use, you just rub it gently into the skin, which gently exfoliates, then leave it for as long as you need to feel super relaxed, then just rinse off. My skin felt very smooth, soothed and deeply moisturised after use, the lovely fragrances made me feel very relaxed and I’m basically in love with this product! Buy Beauty Sleep Face and Body Mask.

Getting a Good Nights Sleep with Lush

I had so much fun using all the products and feel great for making a little extra time for self care, if things are getting a bit much, I’d definitely recommend it. I’m mostly very busy with the kids, work, housework and all the other everyday commitments that stop us putting ourselves first, but taking the time to refuel, get some rest and destress makes all the hard things a little bit easier too. There’s nothing selfish about self care (just throwing this in because I know we all need to hear it sometimes)!

Getting a Good Nights Sleep with Lush

Lush products are all cruelty free, they do not test on animals and they do not buy ingredients from companies who test on animals. They use beautiful quality ingredients to create gorgeous products which do amazing things. I have so many favourite Lush products that I buy year after year, as well as always being excited to try their new launches. Do you have any favourite Lush products that you’d recommend? I definitely want to try some new things!

Getting a Good Nights Sleep with Lush

Check out the Lush website, for lots more bedtime products as well as lots of gorgeous bath, body and skincare products to help you have your best day every day.

For more reviews check out the Beauty section of the blog for more self care check out my Health and Fitness section.

*I was sent the products featured in this blog post by Lush. All opinions are my own. 

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