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My Week in Pictures 6

April 14, 2014

Most of this week has been a bit of a boring one, as I’ve mostly been having a massive de-clutter and spring clean in the house. While the kids were away I had the perfect opportunity to pull out all the kids clothes and toys and literally got rid of everything that they don’t completely need. We did a mixture of donating some things to the charity shop, taking the worn out bits to textile recycling and Rob sold the rest at a car boot sale on Sunday, so everything is looking very tidy and organised.

Luckily the beginning of the week was a little more exciting. It being the Easter holidays now, I made a little trip into London on monday with the girls and we started with a visit to The London Aquarium. The last couple of years we’ve picked up a Merlin pass which include entry to loads of great attractions and it’s great to be able to pop into places like the aquarium without worrying about the cost. Everything is so expensive these days!

We then had a little wander down the South Bank, Jess popped down to the little beach bit by the river to look for treasure and then we stopped into Wagamamas for some lunch. We also spotted some street art which we thought looked just like Rob and Lila! It was a lovely day and both kids were so good. I’m glad I got a big day our with them before they went away.

On Tuesday afternoon when Rob got back to work we drove to Brighton for a quick visit. I always feel so happy when I see the sea and the weather was gorgeous. We were brave enough to have a little paddle, even though the sea was freezing! We then had a little wander round the pier, followed by fish and chips at Harry Ramsden’s before driving home. I feel really lucky to be less than an hour from the seaside, being on the outskirts of South West London has its advantages!

On Wednesday after dropping the kids off we popped to Wimbledon Car Boot Sale and I got loads of vintage dresses. These will mostly be going on Ebay as they weren’t a perfect fit. There’s been so much great vintage there recently I’m definitely going back this week.

Thursday was literally spent doing the house all day apart from a very quick trip to Ikea and a relaxing walk on Mitcham Common in the early evening. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and it was lovely to sit and relax by the lake.

On Friday evening after another day of hard work we went out for a curry and a little drink, it was lovely to have a little date night as we hardly ever get a night out together.

On Saturday we popped to the fabulous Mid Century Market for a little vintage shopping. Somehow despite my best intentions I hadn’t saved any money to spend there! It was filled with the most wonderful 1950s dresses and reproduction clothing. The next one is in August and I am definitely going to make sure I can afford a new dress as the quality of sellers is amazing! I did pick up a beautiful flower hair accessory from Rosie Alia Designs and a little dress for Lila from Bamboo Bettie which I will try to show you on the blog in a future blog post.

I wore one of my favourite 1950s dresses and a cream vintage handbag. It’s so nice to be able to get my summer dresses out now the weathers so nice.

We then picked up Lila and I made a big fry up as we were starving!

All in all it’s been a very busy but lovely week. I’m looking forward to lot’s of fun time with my girlies next week and I’m hoping to get a little relaxation in now the house is tidy and organised.

What did you get up to this week?

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    Jessica Cangiano
    April 15, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    Isn’t a good, thorough cleaning/decluttering like that amazing for the spirit and mind alike? I always feel like a weight I didn’t (in some cases at least) know was even pressing down on me was removed when we do one.

    ♥ Jessica

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