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Half Term Days 2-5 Horniman Museum, Morden Hall Park and Being Lazy!

February 19, 2015

Earlier in the week I wrote about our first day out of half term and our plans for the week. I love having my two girls at home and doing as much as possible with them, so far we’ve had a couple more outings this week and two more chilled out days.

Horniman Museum Exterior

On Sunday we popped to Forest Hill in South London to visit one of my favourite museums. The Horniman Museum houses a mixture of anthropological and natural world displays and has one of the most fascinating and eclectic collections I’ve seen. It also has a huge amount of child appeal. One of our favourite parts of the museum is the room full of taxidermy animals, which the kids also find really interesting.

Horniman Museum Plants ExhibitionWe also went to see the new exhibition which had just opened. Plantastic is one just for kids and features a huge room full of fun interactive displays which teach little ones all about the world of plants, how they grow and how they can be used. It was bright, colourful and fun and both the girls were really engaged by it. My only complaint was having to pay £6.50 for my adult ticket in addition to £3.50 per child, since there was nothing aimed at adults at all, so despite thinking it was fantastic for the kids I don’t know if I would fork out for a repeat visit. Don’t let that put you off though as it really is a fantastic thing to do for the small people.

Horniman Museum Aquarium

We also visited the museum’s aquarium which features some fantastic tanks and we especially enjoyed watching the jellyfish floating around. Although the museum is free to enter, the aquarium is ticketed although you can get a combined ticket with the Plantastic exhibition. I think tickets for both for the three of us came to about £17, but as we normally just see the free bits of the museum it was worth it as a treat.

View of London from the Horniman Museum

After looking at everything in the museum, we went for a walk round the museums extensive gardens and had a peek at some of the farm animals as well. The garden has amazing views of central London and a fantastic nature walk. By this point Lila was so tired that I had to take her home, toddlers have their limits!

Annoyingly I forgot to bring my camera battery, which for someone who loves taking photos as much as me was a little upsetting! However I gave the camera on my iPhone 6 a go and got a couple of snaps of our day.

On Monday we met my dad for a walk and a play in Morden Hall Park, this National Trust Park is only a few minutes drive from where we live and we’re so lucky to have such a great park on our doorstep.

Cottages Morden Hall Park

Water Wheel Morden Hall Park

River and Bridge Morden Hall Park

Lila was still pretty tired from the two busy days before and managed to fall over and bump her head, so we ended up making this a pretty short trip. The girls did have a nice play in the parks excellent play area and then we went for some tea and cake in the tea room, which like most National Trust properties offers an excellent selection of home-made cake.

Scooting Morden Hall Park

Playing at Morden Hall Park

Cute Dogs Morden Hall ParkHow cute are these little doggies we spotted!

Given that all these days out had worn the kids out we’ve also had a couple of quiet days relaxing at home as well as running errands and everyday stuff. Sometimes it’s great to just sit in your pyjamas, watch Frozen on repeat and be as lazy as possible! I also went back to the gym after a very long break and I’m hoping to make it a more regular thing as I miss running and want to get back into it.

I’m looking forward to more fun stuff at the end of the week and I’m going to miss my little ones so much when they go back to school on Tuesday.

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