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My Beautiful New Ring from Gemporia

March 19, 2015

I absolutely adore big sparkly jewellery, ever since I was little and used to play with the costume jewellery in my Grandmas antique shop. I’ve always loved big antique rings with a big sparkly stone in the centre and a little ring of crystals sitting around them. I still have a few beautiful vintage rings that I’ve treasured for years. When I was contacted by Gemproria to choose something from their collection I was delighted to see so many pretty offerings that had that beautiful vintage settings I love.

I met up with Charlotte from Gemporia at London fashion week and she showed me some of the wonderful jewellery from the Gemporia collection and I got to try on a few of their beautiful pieces. I was also given the lovely ring that I’d chosen. It’s a London Blue Topaz stone on a silver ring and retails at £48. I love blue jewellery and I have quite a few blue vintage dresses that I plan to pair the ring up with a lot this summer.

London Blue Topaz Ring Gemporia

I was amazed at the quantity of real gemstone jewellery available on the website. There are literally thousands of rings and other lovely pieces of jewellery available and once I had finally chosen I used the ring sizer app to make sure I chose the ring in the right size.

Vintage Style London Blue Topaz Ring

The ring is absolutely fantastic quality and I was so happy with the size and quality of the stone. The colour is amazingly vibrant and the London Blue is much richer in colour than other topaz jewellery in my collection. I’d definitely like to pick up some more pieces in the same shade. The white stones around the big stone give it a really traditional vintage feel and the silver band has a good weight to it.

London Blue Topaz Ring

One thing that I always consider when buying real gemstone jewellery is whether the stones are ethically sourced. Since the majority of gem stones come from third world countries it’s worth thinking about the people behind the jewellery we wear. Steve the owner of Gemporia always works closely with the communities his gemstones are sourced from and is actively involved with charities that improve the health and education of the people he works with. He even started his own charity, which I think is fantastic.

London Blue Topaz Ring from Gemporia

Gemporia is a family business, husband Steve travels the world sourcing an amazing array of beautiful stones, while his wife Sarah designs jewellery alongside raising their four children. The business has gone from strength to strength and as well as being available on the Emporia website the company also owns the Gems channel in the UK and the Rocks channel in the US where you can buy their beautiful collection at great prices.

Gemporia Topaz Ring

The most impressive thing to me would have to be the fantastic prices. It’s really nice to be able to get the real thing for the same price as costume jewellery in high street shops. I loved the choice and convenience on the online shop. Although there is so much on there that it’s actually really hard to choose!

Gemporia London Blue Topaz


If you’d like to find out more about Gemporia you can visit their website here.

You can buy my ring here.

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    Jessica Cangiano
    March 22, 2015 at 11:11 pm

    That is absolutely stunning! I love that the metal is sterling silver. I”m allergic to nickel and often avoid costume jewelry (save for brooches) with metal because of the gamble of nickel being present, but with most sterling pieces, that isn’t an issue. Thank you very much for the introduction to this great brand. This ring is going straight on my wishlist!

    ♥ Jessica

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