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My Vintage Life in Pictures Part Two

April 25, 2016

This post follows on from yesterdays one, in which I was talking about all the fun vintage related things I’ve been up to so far this year. It’s been a great year for trying new things, going to new places and making new friends. I have to say though, that I actually spend most of my time either looking after the kids, doing housework or working, but it’s a good thing to break it up with fun stuff too!

Mother MashAnother really fun day out, was a day of vintage shopping with my friend Holly. We had a fab meal in retro pie and mash shop Mother Mash, which is just off Carnaby Street. This fab little cafe serves a huge selection of pies and sausages paired with lots of different mashes and gravies. The food was amazing and I love the simple concept of the menu. I had Lincolnshire sausages along with colcannon.

Beyond Retro and Irregular ChoiceWhile we were in the area we popped into Beyond Retro for a little vintage fix and then visited Irregular Choice to take a look at the new Alice in Wonderland range.

Vintage Shopping and vogue 100I saw another really fantastic exhibition in march with Lucy. The Vogue 100 exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, looks back on the last century of the iconic magazine. The exhibition was absolutely brilliant and it took us more than two and a half hours to look at everything. for a vintage fashion lover it was fascinating looking at how both fashion and photography have changed through the decades. Afterwards we visited some vintage shops in Lower Marsh and Covent Garden.

Tasha's Tearoom CheamOne of my favourites things to do, is visit the local charity shops with my mum, we popped to Cheam which is quite near where I live. After having a really good browse round the fantastic charity shops and picking up a few bargains, we stopped for tea and lunch at a lovely tea room.

Rowans Bowling and CocktailsFor Lucy’s birthday at the end of march, we had a really fun night out in north London. We started the night off with Mexican and cocktails in Finsbury Park, before heading to Rowan’s for bowling and karaoke, it was such a fun night.

DreamlandAt the beginning of April we had a lovely little family holiday in Kent. It was so nice to get away for a few days and spend some time together. most of the trip involved trips to castles and long walks by the sea. We flew our kite and searched for sea glass amongst the pebbles on the beach. As you’ll have seen in my blog post earlier this week, we also popped to Dreamland in Margate for a very vintage day out. Read all about our outing here.

Classic Car Boot SaleLast weekend was absolutely fantastic. I met up with lots of lovely friends for an afternoon at The Classic Car Boot Sale. I met up with Sarah from Lipstick and Dresses, Nicole from Coco Von Vintage, Carrie-Ann from Something Definitely Happened, Holly aka The Vintage Girl and another online Friend called Rhina who isn’t a blogger she’s a Botanist with a PHD who speaks 6 languages (awesome!) I’m planning to write a blog post all about it later in the week.

CahootsAfter a wonderful afternoon of shopping, we headed to Cahoots, which as usual was absolutely amazing. We indulged in lots of lovely cocktails and it was brilliant spending time with all these lovely ladies, who I can’t wait to see again soon.

So that’s me all caught up on my vintage year so far. Now that the summer is approaching I have so much fun stuff planned for the next few months. I’m hoping that in a few weeks I’ll look through my phone and find loads more to write about!

What vintage things have you been doing this year.

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    Jessica Cangiano
    April 28, 2016 at 1:17 am

    So many fun (and delicious!) happenings. That dish of bangers and mash just made me ravishingly hungry! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

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