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January Catch Up

January 21, 2017

Well I’ve had a little time away from the blog over the last few weeks, for lots of reasons. While I’ve been focussing on other things and spent lots of time with people who are important to me, I’ve also taken a little time to think about the new year and new beginnings. I’m not that keen on resolutions, so I haven’t made any this year. I do want to make a few changes to the blog. I’m not 100% sure what they are yet, but I’m working on it!

Sleeping Beauty A Mid Century Fairy tale Rose BushIf you were reading the blog over December, you’ll see that I was taking part in Blogmas. I can’t actually believe I managed 21 days of Blogmas, that was quite a challenge. In the end I decided to skip the last 3 days, as the kids had finished school and I just wanted to spend that time with them. I was pretty happy with what I did manage over December though.

Cath Kidston Celluloid Style Moulded BanglesGoing forward this year, I want to do lots more creative stuff so you can expect a bit more of that side of the blog over the next few months. I’m also determined to do some vintage hair tutorials and lots more outfit posts as they’re always my favourites to do.

American Flower jewelleryAs I mentioned in my year in vintage outfits post, I’d like to explore different eras of fashion a bit more this year, especially the 1920s. I’ve been spending some time researching clothes from the era, as well as looking at old family photos to see what my relatives were wearing, which has been really umpiring. There will definitely be some of my inner fashion geek coming out in my posts. Having said that, so far this year I’ve made zero effort and worn my comfy jeans and sweaters everyday, but my priorities have definitely been elsewhere, so it doesn’t really matter.

Viking Arty Party Catherine CalligraphyIn other news I’ve spent the last couple of days listing some new stock on my Etsy store. There is lots of lovely vintage jewellery, hair accessories and some 1950s stockings. I have so much more to list over the next few days including some bakelite and some mid century dresses, so keep checking back.

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