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10 Colourful Streets in London To Take Instagram Pictures

May 30, 2018

If you follow me over on Instagram you’ll know I love sharing pics of brightly coloured houses and vibrant yellow front doors. I love doing for long photo walks around London and taking snaps of some of my favourites. I thought it would be fun to share a few great London locations where you can spot the most colourful houses. Although I love yellow, but the city is full of every colour imaginable. So here are 10 of my favourite colourful streets in London to get those perfect Insta snaps.

1. Chalcott Crescent, Primrose Hill.

This gorgeous street is not only famous for it’s beautiful houses but also for one of it’s more famous residents – Paddington Bear! This beautiful road has houses of all colours and with it’s old fashioned lampposts and iron fences it makes the perfect London photo spot.

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2. Bywater Street, Chelsea.

This street is always full of bloggers and Instagramers shooting outfit pics and I can see why, this is one of the prettiest colourful streets in London. You’ll usually see the pink and purple houses, but for yellow fans like me there are a couple of gorgeous houses. This street is perfect for outfit pics or just capturing a pretty view.

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3.Notting Hill.

There are so many gorgeous streets in Notting Hill to take pictures of colourful houses, that I could fill a whole list with them! It’s worth taking a few hours to wander round the whole area and discover a few for yourself. But a few of my faves include Farmer Street, Kensington Park Road, Ledbury Road, and Hillgate Street.

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4. South Kensington Mews Streets.

Like Notting Hill, South Kensington is a little colourful enclave, full of gorgeous littles mews streets. These sweet little cobbled streets are painted in a plethora of gorgeous colours and strolling between them, makes for a lovely afternoon photowalk. If you’re looking for colourful streets in London, the many mews are a great place to start. My favourite include Ensor Mews, Redcliffe Mews, Cornwall Mews and Kynance Mews, but as you wander around you’ll find plenty more.

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5. Godfrey Street, Chelsea.

This gorgeous street has a bit of everything. Different styles of houses in lots of gorgeous different colours. Expect bright primary colours as well as subtle pastels. This quite close to Bywater Street as well, so I’d recommend checking out both while you’re in the area.

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6. Leverton Street, Kentish Town.

This absolutely stunning street was well worth venturing up to North London for. It’s absolutely beautiful. it has that perfect combination of painted houses, colourful doors and pretty plants growing up the front of houses. Every Instagrammer’s dream!

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7. Chalcott Square, Primrose Hill.

This gorgeous square in Primrose Hill is such a dream for those of us who could never afford to live there! This stunning square of brightly coloured houses has a gorgeous garden in the middle. this is the perfect spot for getting those bikes against the railings pics, that look so good on instagram.

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8. Kelly Street, Kentish Town

Another beautiful Victorian street, with every coloured house you could possibly imagine. The houses have beautiful details and this is another one with gorgeous railings, old fashioned lamp posts and pretty front gardens. There are quite a lot of cars parked down here though, making photography a little tricky. I had to use clever angles like this so as not to capture all the cars.

10 Colourful Streets in London to Take Instagram Pictures | Kelly Street

9. Bonny Street, Camden

This row of very simple houses look absolutely lovely in their little pastel row. Again there quite a lot of cars parked in front of them when I went, but being so close to other great spots like Camden High Street this is a great little Instagram stop.

10 Colourful Streets in London to Take Instagram Pictures | Bonny Street

10. Falkland Avenue, Kentish Town.

This amazing street is just next to Leverton Street, which I mentioned above. Again it is absolutely packed with gorgeous houses in loads of different colours. There’s even a bit of wisteria, perfect for Instagram.

10 Colourful Streets in London to Take Instagram Pictures | Falkland Street

Capturing Colourful Streets in London

This list is by no means exhaustive and you’ll find that most of these colourful street are surrounded by others. there are also lots of spots with just one or two fab houses on them. For example many of the Streets off Kings Road are gorgeous, but Bywater Street and Godfrey Street are the best. Burnsall Street should get a special mention just for the house pictured below even if it isn’t one of the most colourful streets in London.

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The best thing about living in London is getting to explore, it really is a very pretty city and I’ll never tire of exploring and discovering new gems. I’d love to know if you have any other favourite streets that I can explore. I’ll also try to do an extended version of this post soon, as I’m sure I can come up with another ten colourful streets in London just as good as these.

10 Colourful Streets in London to Take Instagram Pictures

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