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This is my 1000th Post and I have Big Plans for the Blog!

September 9, 2018

This blog has been my little corner of the internet for 6 and a half years now and although I have good months and bad months for posting, I have finally reached my thousandth post! And what a good time to reach a big mile stone, when I’m feeling more positive and motivated than I have in a long time.

I decided that once the kids went back this September I would fully devote myself to making this and my vintage business my full time job. Being a mum, my years really feel like they start in September, so for me it is always a month of changes and resolutions. Last year was all about getting well and working around my health and I’m proud to say, that a lot of hard work, life changes and self care, have got me to a much better place health wise. So now I can really put my time into giving work my all.

Running a blog is so much harder that a lot of people think. I’ll save the ins and outs of how to run a successful blog for another day, but I will say that it takes, time, dedication, endless creativity and lots of motivation, plus a whole lot more admin and business skills that you could ever imagine. You need to be a writer, a photographer, a graphic designer, an accountant, an office manager and many things all at once. It can also have very unsociable hours! But when it all comes together it can also be really really fun.

Being a mum involves a whole different set of skills and running my vintage business alongside the two definitely keeps me busy. But I really feel like this is my time to shine and with a lot of support from my husband and a bit of reshuffling, things are about to get a lot busier on the blog front.

I have a lot of fresh content planned and there will be a lot more of the kind of thing that I used to blog about more. Expect weekly outfits, interiors and DIY posts alongside museum reviews, travel and a bit of baking and parenting. I’m definitely not one to stick to an exact niche, but there will be a bit of everything every week to dip in and out of.

Earning money from blogging is really the hardest challenge of all. Every time I get a sponsored post or earn commission from an affiliate link it means the world to me. It pays for my kids to get the things they need, it pays the bills, it buys our food, it means I can treat myself to nice things occasionally and I am so grateful that I can earn money doing something this creative and fun.

In order to make this a success I need one very important thing, all my lovely readers! Every time you read a post, click on a link, share something on social media or best of all – follow me, it helps me make my little business successful. So if you love what I do, please have a look through my old posts, follow me on my socials, leave a comment and know that I do a little happy dance every time you do!

I love feedback, so please let me know what type of content you enjoy and what you’d like me to do more of and I’ll get to work on it for you! Personally I’m most looking forward to doing some charity shop hauls, lots of home DIYs and getting festive over Christmas! Here’s to a thousand more blog posts!

I took the pics in todays post on a little walk around the park earlier today, everywhere is looking so beautiful at the moment!

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