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Christmas Gifts For Bookish Friends

November 9, 2018

Christmas Gifts For Bookish Friends | Book Gifts People are hard to buy for aren’t they! I know we all want to get our loved ones a lovely thoughtful gift, but don’t always know where to start. A lot of the time I’ve already bought things for myself that I want and when people ask me what I’d like for Christmas I can’t think of anything! Time to think about some book gifts!

Christmas Gifts For Bookish Friends | Book Gifts I thought this year for my Christmas gift guides, rather than focussing too much on age and gender, I’d focus on the type of things people like. So todays list is for your favourite bibliophile, lots of lovely bookish treats for friends and family who just can’t stop page turning. I’ve found book gifts that I really love and think you will too.

Christmas Gifts For Bookish Friends | Book Gifts I found so many fabulous book gifts online and they’re all things that I think people would really love to receive.

Christmas Gifts For Bookish Friends | Book Gifts Avid readers club sweater There are so many gorgeous things on the Joanie website at the moment. I absolute love all their book themed pieces and so lot of them feature in this list.

Personal library kit My childhood bookworm self would have absolutely loved this! Such a fun book gift for your bookish buddies.

Read more books sweater Another fave from Joanie and absolutely perfect for a friend who loves reading.

Book subscription This excellent gift delivers a book each month based on the receivers favourite books and the type of books they enjoy. What a fab present!

Book nerd canvas bag For all those book nerds to carry their books in!

Christmas Gifts For Bookish Friends | Book Gifts Wuthering Heights umbrella I love this! Perfect for keeping books and their owners dry on wet days!

How to Swear book It wouldn’t be Christmas without the odd novelty gift. This is the book equivalent and I’d definitely be keen to give it a read!

I Heart Darcy canvas bag I mean who doesn’t love Darcy. This bag just makes it official.

Book print I love orange penguin books and I’m tempted to buy this cool print as a gift to myself. It will look great next to my bookshelf!

Sherlock Holmes candle I adore From the Page candles and have owned a few myself. This book inspired candle is one of my personal favourites. Lots of different literature inspired scents are available.

Christmas Gifts For Bookish Friends | Book Gifts Bookshelf dress Ooooh so pretty and perfect for a trip to the library, or anywhere really!

Sense and Sensibility sweatshirt I can’t say no to Jane Austen merch! This is definitely my kind of sweater. Joanie winning again on the book inspired clothing front.

Jane Austen colouring book This would make a lovely book gift for any Austen fan and why not buy a lovely tin of pencils to go with it.

100 Books scratch off poster This fabulous poster is a list of 100 popular books and as you read them, you can scratch them off on the poster. How cool is that?!  This is definitely going on my Christmas list!

Pink books t shirt This would make a great gift for your favourite bookworm. I absolutely love the colour!

Christmas Gifts For Bookish Friends | Book Gifts I read the book pin I love this cheeky pin. I’m one of those people who’s always read the book, but not seen the film. Think I’m gonna need this too!

Avid readers club sweater Same awesome sweater, different colour. Why not just have both?!

Bookshelf dress Another gorgeous book themed dress, another lovely gift for your book obsessed friends, or just buy this one for yourself! So pretty.

Wuthering Heights sweatshirt For all those Bronte fans, who swoon over the very thought of Heathcliff, this is the one for you.

Grammar book Another fun novelty book for those friends who love to be grammatically correct, but don’t mind having a giggle about it.

Book dress So pretty and yet so bookish. I love this pretty book print dress from Joanie. I’m thinking this could be the start of a completely book themed capsule wardrobe! Who’s in?

Audible subscription I use Audible every single day. I listen while I clean the house, while I edit photos, while I’m in the car and when I’m going to sleep. It’s one of my favourite things and means I get to devour countless books when I don’t have time to actually pick up a book. This would make a fabulous gift.

Jane Austen book set I love this pretty range of Jane Austen books and already have the gorgeous copy of Persuasion. For the bookish friend who seems to have everything, why not get them gorgeous copies of these wonderful classics.

Christmas Gifts For Bookish Friends | Book Gifts I hope this list has given you some inspiration for choosing your Christmas book gifts. Look put for more fun lists in the coming weeks as we get closer to Christmas.

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