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2019 Goals – February Update

February 27, 2019

One of the most important things about setting yearly goals, is to check in every couple of months, check on progress and evaluate. Last month I shared a little list of goals for the year ahead, they are all quite low key and achievable. It’s probably best to read that first, as this post won’t make much sense otherwise! Lets see how I’m getting on so far!

Turn gardening into a hobby!

OK, so I’ve made a little progress with this. I’ve done some weeding, planted some seeds and even added a couple of new trees to the garden. With some help from my little helper! I need to do a big update in my garden journal to record everything I’ve done so far, as I’m a bit behind with that. Have I fallen in love with gardening? Not yet, but here’s hoping!

Read at least 30 books

I’ve finished 5 books so far this year and I’ve nearly finished a 6th, so hopefully I’ll hit this goal by the end of the year. Book recommendations are always appreciated! Follow my progress and see what I’ve been reading over on Goodreads.

Visit 15 different National Trust properties

Ok, so I’ve done OK so far with this one. I’ve visited Morden Hall Park, Ham House and Polesden Lacey and as the weather gets nicer I’ll definitely be visiting more. Luckily there are quite a few amazing places within an hour of my house so I’m going to see loads of lovely places this spring. Find out more about National Trust memberships

Go on Holiday

No plans right now, but hopefully I’ll actually earn enough money to book somewhere soon. I need sun, sea and sand big time!

Get better at painting

I’ve not had much time to do a lot of painting. I’ll get my paints out when I update my garden journal I definitely want to do more illustrations for the blog, like I did with my Vintage Capsule Wardrobe post.

Do more baking

I did lots of baking with the girls over half term. I made lots of yummy cakes with Lila and Jess is now old enough to do a bit of baking independently. Lots of cake was consumed over the last couple of weeks! I’ll have some more recipes up soon too. I’m also ridiculously excited for pancake day, probably my favourite day of the year.

Make the most of being a mum more

I’ve had loads of fun with the kids recently, going to the park, playing football, making things together and just having lots of lovely chats. It can be pretty hard with a five year age gap, especially now one of them is a teenager! They definitely like different things, so it’s all about finding that balance.

Go to the beach as much a possible

So far I’ve managed to get one beach day in. Fay and I drove to Brighton for a day a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely lovely. With all the lovely weather we’ve been having, I will definitely be back for more!

Get better at yoga

Ok, I’m not doing great on this one. I’ve been pretty busy and not had much time to go to classes. I will definitely book a couple of classes for next week and try to get back into the habit. I always feel so good after a class. Again it’s just about finding a balance and taking that time for myself. Hopefully I’ll be a full on yogi by my next update!

So far I’m pretty pleased with myself and I’m definitely working towards all my goals and doing my best. I’m also really excited about some of the content I have coming up on the blog. I’ve definitely got back into writing recently and I have loads of nearly finished blog posts that will be popping up over the next couple of weeks. I’m also feeling really excited for Spring, it’s such a lovely time of year and I’m more than ready to put my tights and winter coats away and start wearing more pretty vintage dresses.

Fay and I are doing a March Instagram challenge and I’d love it if you joined in. Here are all the prompts. you can follow me on Instagram here and Fay here to see all our pics. Be sure to use the #dearmarchchallenge hashtag.

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