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14 Productive Things to do While Staying at Home

March 18, 2020

The world is a pretty scary place at the moment and things are both challenging and hard. I’ve certainly spent quite a lot of time over the last few days watching the news and absorbing the constantly changing news. I’ve also had to cancel two trips abroad and I know a lot of people reading this will be experiencing uncertainty, worry and disruption. I just wanted to send everyone a big hug and if any one needs to chat my DMs on social media are open and if you need to talk to anyone I’m here! Today I’ve been thinking about a few things I can do to pass some of the extra time I have at home. I will obviously still be working, but also not going anywhere while I try to socially distance as much as possible. My kids will also be at home, but continuing with their school work. So here’s a few ideas I’ve had and I’d love to hear any of your ideas too.

Do Some Free Online Courses

This seems like a great time to invest in some learning. I’ve been looking on Future Learn, which is a fab website with thousands of free courses on a huge range of subjects. I’m going to try and do a few that are for personal interest and some that will be useful for work. I’m also going to sign up for a free trial on Skill Share to learn a few new skills. There are some really good creative courses on there, that I could definitely use to improve my blog. I’m also going to keep working through my Grow and Glow tutorials. This one isn’t free, but it’s a brilliant membership resource for bloggers, which I’ve been doing for a few months and learnt so much. I’m thinking that while the kids are at home doing their school work, I can study at the same time.

Read Some Books

I’m usually very busy and get through most of my books by listening to them on Audible. I’d quite like to spend some of this time picking up some actual books. My plan is to hit up the non fiction and read a few books about freelancing, female business and focus on things that will help me with my career and to grow my businesses. Your recommendations are very much welcome.

Talk a Lot

Loneliness is going to be a big problem for a lot of us. I already find it hard working from home and spending most of my time on my own. But now more than ever it’s important that we all stay in touch. I’ll be calling my relatives as much as possible to check that they are OK and to keep that line of contact going. We all really need each other at the moment, even if we can’t be together.

Do Some Puzzles

When it all gets too much, one of my favourite distractions has got to be a great big puzzle. I just finished a 1000 piece puzzle (actually a 999 piece puzzle as I realised at the end a piece was missing, sob) This is a really good one if you need a lot of distraction and to pass the time. I like to put on some music or an audiobook and just concentrate on the puzzle and not all the scary stuff going on in the world.

Do some Yoga

Not being able to go to yoga classes at the moment, I’m going to try to find some on Youtube and do them at home. Luckily I have a yoga mat at home, so this shouldn’t be too hard. I think it’s really important to try to stay active as well as doing anything that helps us relax at the moment. I might even persuade the kids to have a go too!

Read Lots of Blogs and Support Other Creators

This is a hard time for all of us and there is definitely less work in the blogging industry at the moment. There couldn’t be a better time to support your favourite bloggers and creators. Boost their page views, click on their links and engage in their work. Trust me comments, likes and feedback always means the world to us.

Use Up Some of my Craft Supplies

I have such a big stash of craft supplies, so I’d love to use some of them up. Especially with the kids spending more time at home. Now seems like a good time to complete all those projects that I’ve pinned on Pinterest and never got round to trying. I’ll try to pop some simple craft ideas up on the blog over the coming weeks, so we can do them together!

Watch a lot of Netflix

Lets face it, we’ll all be spending a lot of time binge watching some TV. If we can’t go out in the evening, or at weekends theres definitely something to be said for getting our chill on and watching all the things we’ve been putting off for ages.

Take Very Long Baths

I kinda do this anyway, we make a lot of jokes that I’m semi aquatic as I absolutely love a long bath. I’ll often catch up with work on my phone or edit pics, while soaking in the bath for a good couple of hours! It can be really soothing and relaxing too and could be used as an opportunity for a bit of calming mindfulness. In hard times we need to look after ourselves and make some time to unwind.

Sneak Out for Some Fresh Air

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean not leaving the house at all. I intend to go for a short walk each day, but stay away from other people and just to mindful of the advise that we’ve been given. Typically the weather has got all spring-like and gorgeous, so I do intend to get a little bit of vitamin D. Just remember to be responsible and not put anyone else at risk if you have any symptoms.

Organise at Home

Another thing I’d like to do while I can’t go anywhere, is to do a bit of organising at home. I love emptying my cupboards and reorganising them, and making sure I know where everything is. If we have to self distance for a few weeks, then this is a great time to do some of those jobs around the house that we’ve been putting off for a while.

Maybe do a Little Gardening

I have such a love/hate relationship with my garden! I’m very lucky to have a very big garden, especially for my kids, but it is very hard keeping on top it. If the weather stays nice and we have to stay at home, I might venture outside and do a little garden maintenance.

Plan Ahead

It feels pretty hard to plan ahead, when everything is so uncertain. But hope and optimism definitely keep me going. I’m going to spend some time planning ahead for my business, putting things in place for better times. And generally just looking forward as much as I can.

Just Rest!

If you can, there is absolutely no shame in just looking after yourself. Use this time to recuperate, get some rest and plenty of sleep.

I’d love to hear some of things you’ve been doing to keep yourselves busy and distracted. I’m sending you all my love and good wishes and as I’ve already said my DMs are open.

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