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A-Z of Vintage Fashion Vintage

The A-Z of Vintage – A is for Vintage Aprons

February 14, 2022

I’m feeling all inspired by the new year and things I want to work on in my business in 2022. One thing I’ve been neglecting a little is the blog, so I thought I would start a new series with some of my favourite vintage things! So I’m going to do an A-Z of vintage, each time sharing something vintage that I love. Not entirely sure what I’m going to do when we get to X and Z, but we’ll see. Suggestions welcome! Today we’ll start with A – for vintage aprons.

I’ve had lots of little vintage collections over the years and one of those is vintage Aprons. They’re something I can never resist picking up when I see them. Many of them are handmade and have the most gorgeous prints and fabrics. I have managed to pick up so many over the years and have really enjoyed having them. Although I don’t wear then very often, I just love them because they are such nice things. I used to have plans to write a vintage baking book, when I did a lot of food writing and had visions of pretty pics for the book wearing some of my favourite vintage aprons. And maybe one day I will, but not for now. So I’ve kept a few of my favourites or ones that were special gifts. However I recently decided to downsize my collection, so I added quite a few of them to the shop, so if you see something you like most are all available on the shop at the moment, apart from the few I am keeping.

Floral Vintage Aprons

If you want to go for a really classic vintage look, you really can’t go wrong with florals.

This gorgeous vintage apron ticks all the boxes. With it’s pretty floral striped fabric, ruffle bottom, patch pocket and ric-rac trim, it’s just so classic and pretty. Buy this floral vintage apron for £15

This is my all time favourite vintage apron. I just love that classic 50s rose print and the shape is the epitome of 50s housewife domestic goddess style! This one was a mothers day gift quite a few years ago from my kids and definitely one I’ll be keeping forever!

Another apron that I can’t bare to part with and will be keeping for the foreseeable. I absolutely love the shape and print on this one How cute are those little tulip shaped pockets!

This apron is another absolute dream. Made from the most gorgeous mid century floral cotton. It has such a full skirt and was designed to be worn over a dress with a full petticoat. This apron is about as good as it gets! Buy this 50s floral vintage apron on the shop for £40

I also decided to keep this lovely apron, because hydrangeas are some of my favourite flowers. This is one of my favourite vintage prints ever.

This sweet vintage half apron has a pretty painterly style floral print in pretty shades of blue and pink. This one was lovingly handmade and I love that this was probably an off-cut from a lovely vintage dress. Buy this floral vintage half apron for £12.

Another lovely handmade apron, this one features another gorgeous vintage floral print and a pretty gathered lace trim. Buy this apron for £12.

This green cotton hand made apron has HUGE patch pockets. I’d just wear this one around the house with all the things I needed in the pockets! So handy! Buy this green floral apron from the shop for £10.

Novelty Vintage Aprons

I absolutely love novelty vintage prints. Whether they feature on dresses, skirts, or even aprons. I’ve only had a couple recently, but they’re always worth looking out for as they’re so much fun.

This super kitsch print features little traditional dutch people in gorgeous bright primary colours. It’s another one with lots of handy pocket space. Buy this lovely novelty print half apron for £20

This amazing poodle print apron has already sold, but I couldn’t not include it because it’s just so much fun!

Retro Print Aprons

As well as pretty feminine floral prints, I also really love more abstract retro prints These are often in deeper earth tones and would look better with a 60s or 70s inspired wardrobe or home.

I love the fabulous plum and pink tones on this vintage apron. Buy this retro print apron from the shop for £12.

This gorgeous painterly stripe apron in shapes of pink and brown is made from wonderfully crisp cotton. This one is slightly longer and has two patch pockets with a simple cream bias binding trim. Buy this striped apron for £12

And lastly this fabulous abstract retro print in more fabulous earthy tones This one has a large pocket and a lovely rounded shape. Buy this one from the shop for £10

Which is your favourite vintage apron from the ones I’ve included in this post. Do you have any fun vintage aprons in your collection?

I hope this post has inspired you and that you’ll find some lovely vintage aprons, whether thats from the Vintage Frills Shop or elsewhere.

To see the full range of fabulous vintage and to shop the collection, visit The Vintage Frills Shop.

For more vintage fashion inspiration check out the Fashion section of the blog, check out my vintage outfits on Instagram and to stay up to date with brand new additions to the shop follow the Vintage Frills Shop Instagram. You can also sign up to my newsletter for updates on all things Vintage Frills.

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